26 Aug 2015

You know those mornings that have that crisp, fresh sensation....when the sun shines at its happiest. People are walking their dogs with the default. "goeie more" from the same people. Well. It was at such a particular morning that my girlfriend felt compelled to water the garden. I watched as she walked past me wearing nothing but my blue button up shirt. Bending over to connect the hose to the faucet, her pussys was exposed beneath my wrinkled office attire.

Not to soon after that she noticed me ogling from behind the Sunday times.... Peering over the paper. Grinning from ear to ear she knew what I saw.

"Goeie more! "- is shouted from somewhere in the near vicinity. I just raise my hand and wave not bothered. I cannot stop staring at her. Being short in stature. She was hidden for the most part behind the wall separating us from the fitness junkies running up and down.

Bending over again she crosses her legs straight and arches down...almost completely hidden from street view she now reaches her hand behind her back... Slowly lifting the shirt and scratching her thigh. Her grip relaxes and she spreads the lips of her pussy...a noticeable glisten from the happy sunlight revealed that she too... wanted me. The slow rise to a standing pose now had me riled up and ready to ravage her... What I did not expect is to discover the thrill of possibly offending many elderly and dog loving individuals. "Fuck me right here by the wall... Slowly" - she whispered as I held her in my arms from behind."Ill try and contain myself but don't hold back".

My right hand firmly clenching her ass cheek was scratching red lines of last all over her bubble but. She kept looking straight trying to keep up her pokerface..but eventually her blush was now brightened by the powder blue collar and biting her lip she gave a short gasp as my fingers were caressing around her now moist and tight pussy. Still rubbing her around and round my fingers would find their way around her asshole. The unexpect detour every now and then helped further in getting her wet. I move to her left sliding my hand behind her back scratching. She takes my left hand by the wrist. Drawing it closer to her pussys. I stretch out my middle finger and caress her clit. Slowly stroking, and penetrating her shallowly with my finger.

Another "Goeie more" is shouted... Now looking up and responding I notice the gentleman's St Bernard is looking at us. I might have imagined it but I'm sure it knew exactly what was unfolding on this side of the wall.

I kneeled behind her shortly after the dog was out of view. Lifting the shirt bending her forward against the wall. And spacing her angles.. I passionately kissed her tight. Nibbling my way up. After a fair amount of foreplay her breathing began getting deeper and heavier. Not aware of whats going on she turned the garden house on I had to stay down here I thought. I turned her to face me. She lifted her leg onto my shoulder... Still hiding the deed from public view. With my face cold from the water I pushed my tongue slowly into her. Caressing my cold checks into her warm thighs. Cringing and slowly moving around we both found our comfy spots.

Another "Goeie more" came and went unacknowledged. She grooves her fingernails into my hair and pushing me harder into her thighs. The sheer fact of what we were doing and where we were doing it eventually nudged her into several climaxes... To be fair.. She was able to maintain herself relatively well. But after the fourth shaking climax the finger biting and moans were undeniably incriminating.

"wait wait wait wait" - she softly whispered as she's pushing me back. Still quivering unpredictably she demandingly says that she needs my cock deep in her... (she uses the term balls deep. I think it's a bit crude) .

Leaving her to get herself composed scanned the surroundings. In the corner would allow me to really move. And be partially hidden from one side of the street. She turned off the faucet and followed me to the corner covered in a tie of shrubbery. Branding next to me she start rubbing my cock beneath the gym pants....

Without hesitation she sees a spot she can bend over. I notice a pack of cable ties in the garden bin. And restrained her hands on the wooden sheds windowsill. She spreads her legs beckoning lower opening up her still make it pussys. My cock is throbbed as I pull it from underneath the puma sweatpants. Teasing her I rub it all over the juices around her pussy. Her back arches lower each time I get close to penetrating. I'm covered in her juices. And direct my cock to slowly enter her. Like a bobsled I slide in and out..the Tip just touching the clit before the next shove. Her spine is red from the blushing. I spread her ass open and delicately massage her asshole. This is something new and she fucking loves it. Feeling her tighten around my Dick and noticing the left knee buckling I put all my energy I to jackhammering her into a blissfully full body quivers gasm. And like a hero and surprising myself I soon ended up with a squirter unlike I've ever experienced before. Buckling and quivering she gushed out generously before I had to support her standing up. Her pupils are the size of small teacups as she stares at me in disbelief and shock....

"What the fuck..... How... . What?! " she mumbles almost incoherently between the random quivers still running through her. I peek around the corner to see if we've been spotted... But for now I believe we were able to avoid detection.... Or we were so loud people avoided and rerouted out of awkwardness..I guess we'll never really know. ..