Written by roshfar

14 Sep 2018

we were a group of colleauges that travelled together all female and i the driver was male.one of the girls was absoletely beautiful and was going to get married soon that too to a very jealous guy.He was prepared to kill any male that made a pass at her.I was in my previous affair which had ended as she got the job and this new girl had no idea of it.all the guys used to gloat over her but my mind was somewhere else.i noticed her looking at me and she started to call me opposite where she sat to eat lunch.then she started to spend time around me but i did not even know why.Once she married she use to phone me at home every time her husband went out.My wife didnt care coz she said if i had anything to do with her i will be dead by her husband.Once she asked to help her to move things in a narrow room and as she walked a number of times past me her boobs would brush against me.she merely giggled when it happened.i said i am sorry as the room is small,that did not bother her.she got close to me while collecting samples to put into bottles and she stood there and looked at me.Now i am a slow thinker and didnt get the messages quickly.she is a decent and religious girl,She looks like an angel made by god himself.She had big boobs to die for and a cheeky smile only for me.she gave me very positives vibes like-she visited my house to see my wife then ordered something which i will deliver.She used to put me in a group where she was with me.we had to work at times together but the gun of her husband kept me at bay,Once she sat with me and told me another girl with her surnane like me and then all girls with that surname like you.i just laughed at her mistake.During these years the phone calls carried on comimg.One day she asked for help again inthe small room.she again brushed past me with her boobs pressing me a number of times and finally held her in my arms and said watch it.she stood there never said a word and hung onto me until i released her.she carried on and when she brushed again i held her andlooked at her.she looked at me and then we kissed for about 30 seconds,she pulled away and said in case someone sees us.so we parted