Written by Ms

16 Jul 2018

I do as he says, wondering at how easily I comply, how natural it feels even though I’ve never done this before. “I’m soaked,” I tell him. My voice is a thin, aroused whisper. I rub my fingers over my clit, feeling my body tighten, already so close to orgasm. “I’m so wet Landon.” “Wet for me, Rachel. My cock is so hard, I want to put it in your mouth. Let you suck it.” “Yes,” I moan, my fingers working my clit. I can almost feel him pumping into my mouth. “I want you in my mouth.” “And also in your hot pussy, fucking you until you can’t take any more.” “Oh God!” I moan as the image sends me over the edge. My legs stiffen, my body throbbing as pleasure rolls over me. I fall back on the bed, my body trembling uncontrollably. I sigh as my heart slows, my body still feeling the little aftershocks of my climax. “I have to get back to my meeting,” Landon says, as if he hasn’t just given me an intense orgasm through the phone. “Let’s go out to dinner tonight.” I breathe slowly, my body still sluggish. “I’d like that.” “Be ready at seven,” he says. “I’ll come pick you up.”