11 Jun 2018

Mmm sjoe what a hot day this time of year in Windhoek. I'm sitting at a corner coffee shop and stering to the ppl coming and going all on thr own pass going somewhere things to do that life ne.

With one look up from my cup off coffee my eye caught a stranger sitting across from me and watching me and look me in the eye and then he licks his tongue over his lips all around and smile.

I can feel my face is little red cause I knw what he is looking at. This morng when I left home I did not put a pantie cause with this skirt I'm wearing I dnt like to wear a panty, so I start to show more open my. Legs little by little but not to much also. I finished my coffee and got up walk passed him. And give him a flirty smile. Not see him again since that dayagain.

I'm on my way to see a customer at his hotel room for some busnnss this time I dress up nice evening time so ja evening wear ne nice black sexy short dress with black and silver stockings on black boots, knocking on. The hotel room nr. 303 and when the door open thr was standing this guy from the coffee shop he invented me in the room take my Charlie and small handbag and put it on a table then he offer me a glass of sherry mmm nice its sweet like almost nectar but not to sweet. He was looking me out the whole time so I decided to go bathroom quickly powered my nose a bit haha ne but when I walk in that bathroom I saw the beauty full shower open roof, so well I take off all my close just thr on the ground and got under the Watr mmm then I can feel 2 soft hands starting to touch my body slowly from my neck down all the way down to. My bum mmm felt so good he turn me around and look at. My boobs my nippls stuff and waiting for his touch oh sjoe then he lick it I trough my head back and enjoy his touch off his hands softly and gently around my boobs with his tong over my nippls mmmm what a feeling to enjoy a showr like that