Written by AngeliqueB

22 Mar 2014

You are settling in for the final of your favourite couch sport, remote close at hand, your drink and its refills, together with the snacks out of the kitchen cupboard that are bought just for you for such occasions, on the table at your side. I know this scene all too well, and that for the next couple of hours you will be occupied. Although I acknowledge that fact, that this is your time to relax and forget about the stress at work, I wonder what it would take to distract you, and how hard I would have to work, to get you to pause that damn PVR!!!

Coming to sit on the couch next to you, you graciously make space for me and move so that I could sit next to you. Your eyes not leaving the scene, your arm encircling my waist and pulling me close, I snuggle up next to you. We sit for a while chatting in a relaxed manner and you are so oblivious to my intentions. I nestle closer and wrap my arm around your waist, placing my face into your neck. You give me a quick, almost irritated kiss on my forehead, and return your attention to the game, almost as if letting me know that you know I am there. After a minute or two, my mouth moves to the hollow at the base of your throat where your collar and breast bones meet and I place a lingering kiss on your skin. You actually flinch!

First point to me!

With my breath fanning your neck, my arm moves so that my hand trails across your tummy and I unobtrusively start to caress. My finger nails excite reflexes, making your muscles unconsciously tense and being ticklish, you struggle to sit completely still. I trail my lips up your neck and my teeth grab your earlobe not so gently.... you laughingly swat me away like I was an insect.

First point to you!

Undeterred I settle back down against your side and give you 5 minutes peace. I casually start to move my hand again back and forth across your stomach in a mindless fashion, delving at times into your bellybutton through your shirt, which all goes unnoticed, until..... my hand starts to slowly move down to the top of your jeans. Was that a noticeable tensing of your body? To make sure, I touch your belt and play a bit with the buckle and zip, alternatively, while supposedly watching the screen. Getting bored, I decide to step it up a notch and boldly unzip your pants. Now you do tense!

Second point to me!

My hand enters into your jeans and I feel you through your shorts. Nothing happening there, yet! Not phased, I start to rub you lying under the material in firm but gentle strokes, determined to get a reaction. Encouragingly you start to harden and fill the confines of your underwear, but you continue to watch as the game progresses. I leave you fleetingly to unbuckle your belt, undo the brass button and widen the opening of your jeans, so that I have more access. My fingertips now caress the exposed area and your increasing arousal entices me to move my hand to underneath, to where I can touch you more naturally. You shift in your position on the couch as I take you to fill my hand.

Third point to me!

You sit back enjoying the game and the attention, as you are now rock hard from me using practised fingers, with constantly changing grip-pressure and stroke length, to engorge you. Time passes and you seem quite happy to continue indefinitely, not responding beyond the bulge in my hand. I look up to watch your face as I determinedly work you and all of a suddenly you turn your head, tearing your eyes away from the screen, and catch my eye - you smile! You are holding out on me on purpose..........

Second point to you!

Stuff that!

I exageratingly rearrange my position on the couch and with a renewed determination, remove and free you from your shorts. Your length protrudes upwards and flashing you a challenging glare and moving like a professional, my mouth swoops down to take possession. My lips tense against the tip of your hardness and the pressure exerted pushes back the skin. As my tongue touches your tip, I slide my open, wet mouth over you, right down to your base so that I feel you at the back of my throat. Your hand on my waist grabs me and your thighs spasm. I lift myself and ever so gracefully now, begin a mind-blowing onslaught on your person. Within a minute or two, I feel you move and grapple for the remote, fumbling to find the PAUSE button.

Third point to me!

Your free hand finds my head and your fingers curl into my soft hair, gripping and guiding my movements to increase your pleasure. You lie back now into the couch as the only sound that fills the room is your increasingly shallow, almost rasping breaths. I taste your pre-cum and know that you are close to release. My mouth moves to place feather-like kisses along your veined length from tip to base, as a hand comes to replace my mouth and efficiently complete the task. With my lips in the hair below your shaft, I make you cum in thrusting, convulsive spurts - that leaves my hand drenched.



But then again, so did you ......xxx

Some time passes and when your chest movements have returned to normal, I ever so politely put everything back to normal and extract myself from your arms. Placing a deep kiss on your lips so that you can taste yourself on me, I reach over to retrieve and hand you the remote, and I victoriously leave you to enjoy watching the rest of your game.