Written by Theo123

30 Nov 2012

I had been waiting so long for this day! It was finally here waiting to meet you..... I had planned a special intimate dinner to celebrate this auspicious occasion. You are special and deserved first class treatment. A full menu awaited you as you walked in the door.

Dressed in a Tuxedo elegance and a hint of aftershave it could give pleasure to not only the beholder but the admirer, a warm loving smile greeted the lady of my choice. You was grinning your usual gorgeous smile.

A quick kiss and you was whisked away to freshen up for dinner. long light eve dress, the order for this superb dinner event.

The music stepped up a notch and my body swaying graciously in the hallway while I waited for Mrs Mmmmmmmm......

Stepping into the hallway I took you into my arms and led you into dance holding you in my arms. You drew me closer till I could feel your pulse racing. We kissed long and passionately. Both breathless.

You was so distinguished, just could not help admiring you. I gently stepped away slightly took your left hand and raised it to my lips and kissed it with intense passion.

We walked to the patio to take our place for dinner. The table tastefully laid, candles burning their rose fragrance permeating the air, the glow of the fire leaving red shadows dancing on the walls, romantic and warm.

We raised our glasses to celebrate our eve, a very special celebration indeed. You were special and it delighted me to spoil you rotten.

We ate lavishly, danced the night away, dizzy with happiness, our laughter filtering through the night air arousing the nocturnals who were scurrying into the beautifully manicured garden below.

The last course, dessert, with a difference, we headed to the candle lit swimming pool and floating on a silver platter, the Strawberry cake boasting one candle, celebrating our meeting at last!

We had to dress down to get to the cake mmmmm this was the highlight of the evening. I bid the staff a good night so that we could enjoy the finale in intimate privacy.

I undressed you sensually stealing a kiss a nibble in the process. I derived great pleasure and arousal from this act. You were naked and looking so stunning!

You unbuttoned my shirt, slowly stripping down my pants finding a very naked body in hills. We held hands and stepped into he chilly water to blow your candle. You huffed n puffed and blew it out. I serenade you till you hushed me with a deep kiss. Our bodies entwined, inseparable. We went under water still kissing blowing bubbles. We surfaced and you wrapped your legs around my waste to prepare for an intimate act. It was different it was awesome it was what we both needed....