Written by AngeliqueB

22 Mar 2014

It is quiet as you let yourself into the house. You are late coming home, and a bit drunk, having been out with the boys at a rugby match. Possibly also in a bit of trouble too, as your last sms - 2 hours ago - said you were on your way. You know that you are going to have to apologise accordingly.

You hang up your keys, after locking up behind you and silently make your way up the passage to our bedroom. There is just enough light for you to see where you are going. You can smell that I have bathed, as the hint of oriental blossoms fill your nose as you enter the dimmly lit area. Looking towards the bed, you make out my form, lying selfishly splayed, faceup out across it; the pillows covered in newly washed long hair and just enough sheet covering me, to be decent. I am fast asleep and breathing rhythmically. You undress quickly but ever so quietly, so as not to wake me.

You come to stand at the bottom of the bed and in a single fluid movement bend and slowly start a trial of feather-light kisses up an exposed long, slim, smooth leg; starting on the bridge of my foot, ankle, up the side of my calf, past my knee onto my inner thigh I stir, awaking gradually to your caresses. One of your hands move to take away the little bit of sheet still preserving my dignity, and as you are about to put your mouth where your home and heart are, a hand grabs a fistful of your hair, hauling your head up, past my tummy, up between my breasts and on to my mouth.

Eventually!! You home now? You are a shit!!

But, the intoxicating smell of alcohol on your breath and the feel of your body pressing down on mine, quickly dissovles any anger and worry I am feeling, with you coming home so late. You kiss me, your mouth begging for forgiveness. Long and slowly, letting me taste what it is that you have been up to. Your tongue delves in, exploring and stirring feelings that absolve you of all your trespasses.

I can feel you along my entire length - mouths captured together, breasts to chest, tummy to tummy and your legs intimately between mine. Alcohol dulls the senses and so I know, if this is to end at some stage soon and, we are to get some much-needed sleep, you are going to need just a little bit of encouragment. So, I wrap my arms around your waist and finding your sexy bum, take a cheek in each hand, pressing you firmly against me. My knees bend slightly and I invitingly lift my hips into you. Being enticingly positioned, the pressure of my pubic bones against you, starts having the desired effect and your cock begins to harden with the knowledge that you are off the hook.

Our kissing intensifies and your senses sober somewhat. You are throbbingly hard now and, I am more than ready, as I have been waiting for you to come home all evening. With one hand under my head keeping my mouth on yours, your other hand moves down and under me to grab my bum. Your actions impart your growing sense of urgengcy. My hands moves upwards, nails scraping your skin on either side of your spine - you shiver van lekkerkry! My lower arms come to rest on your shoulderblades, so that I can grip and hold onto you, knowing full well, what is coming next.

With you between my open legs with knees bent, bum lifted up towards you and arms holding onto you, you guide yourself masterfully and instinctively into me. Once completely enclosed and embedded inside me, you stop just for a moment, lift your mouth off mine and say "Ek is jammer ek so laat by die huis is." I lift my mouth back to yours and offer you, your forgiveness.

In the silence of the night, the only sounds are our rapidly increasing breathing and the sound of your body hitting on mine, as you repeatedly thrust into me. The kissing is jerkily forgotten as you lift your head, your body moving up over mine, providing you better penetration and allowing my face to be buried in your neck. I taste your skin, sucking on the flesh below your ear. Your rasping breath now in my ear, excites my senses and my body is on fire. I feel so awake, alive and free to let go!

You whisper that you are ready to cum and so, I widen my legs opening up further to you and start to move my hips in opposition to you, offering greater resisitance against you. You are so deep inside me that it feels as if you, with each upward stroke, are reaching to touch my womb. And then, suddenly out of nowhere, those incredible feelings start to rise up from within... You feel my wetness increase, the tightening around you starts and my body begins to tense. Soft moans replace my breaths and you know that I am getting ready to cum. Your timing is superb and with profound intuition, you bring us to a climax together.....

It seems to last forever, washing over us in waves and just when we think it is over, it comes again. Your weight on me is comforting and warming, as shivers have replaced lost heat from the sweat evapouring off my skin. I do not want to move, afraid to loose you from inside. Your face in my hair, I feel you relax.

We lie, stuck together by the moisture between us. After a while, I move and realising, you roll onto your side , taking me with you, still enclosed in your arms. You naturally leave my body (I wish you could stay there forever) and we nestle into each other's shape. Our breathing is normal now; our minds hazy with satisfied love and the last of the tension leaves us bodies.....

We drift off to sleep.