06 May 2016

It was a long weekend and you had planed a day at the beach somewhere secluded to catch some rays and just chill bag packed and hubby in tow as you arrived you could see it was quite and found a spot just near the trees quite with a shaded are as well. You set up camp and stripped of exposing your sexy body and placed the towel in the sun where you proceeded to lay down face first hubby started rubbing sun tan oil and you where starting to feel horny as he massaged your back down to your buttocks and top of your legs, you parted them a little so he could rub his hands close to your pussy it sent tingles through out your body

As you both lay there for a while chatting about sexy thoughts you leaned and kissed which soon turned into touching and rubbing. It started to get hot so you moved under the trees out of the sun spread your towels and continued hubbies cock was now hard and you wet so you got on all fours and took his cock and started sucking it slow and deep only stopping to catch a breath you then turned and positioned your self 69 and he lapped up your wetness and licked at your clit he could feel every time he hit the spot you sucked more eagerly till he could not hold back and blew his load deep in your mouth, you sucked and swallowed like it was your last lunch so into it that you hadn't noticed the stranger standing just off in the bush watching you with his huge cock in his hand hard as and stroking it with 2 hands your eyes almost popped watching him with his monster

Hubby was expertly eating you and you almost came when you smiled at him to bring it closer he kneeled in front off you and you tried to fit his cock in your mouth tasting the pre cum from the tip it was sweet and nice.

As you started riding hubbies face you took as much as you could in your mouth and sucked long and slow but it was to much so you asked if he wanted to fuck you he just smiled and moved behind you hubby moved so you could suck his cock again as it was getting harder and he wanted to see you take this monster he slowly pushed the head against your wet pussy just parting your lips and slowly began to push a little deeper with every movement until you felt it finally slip in past your now stretched lips. It was almost pain full then suddenly he pushed deeper and all the pain went and a rush of pleasure followed as his cock filled you like no one had before.

You pushed back to take it all as it hit all the spots exciting your pussy like never before you sucked hubbies cock again so hard and deep as the stranger pumped you. You wanted more and asked him to lay down he did and you straddled him facing hubby and lowered your body onto him hubby almost came as he watched you impale your self on this huge cock. You took it all and leaned back showing hubby your stretched but totally full pussy he began to lick at the shaft and at you clit, watching him lick and suck excited you and you fucked this stranger like no tomorrow riding him hard and long it took a while but your body could no longer wait and you came hard shudder after shudder and wave after wave hubby keeped licking and then you felt the strangers cock start to grow and push harder and deeper he started to cum it felt hot and deep but didn't stop it was like bucket loads you lifted your self off his cock and laid beside him catching your breath he got up and thanked you and walked back into the tree's where he had come from hubby was still hard and could see the huge amount of cum starting to leak from your open stretched pussy he started to slip his fingers in and bring them to your mouth to suck it was so much he could not help but want to fill you even more you gat on all fours and he fucked your dripping pussy again it wasn't long before he filled you with another load of cum and collapsed beside you

You both lay there for a while just feeling the pleasure before taking a stroll down to the water to clean up you couldn't believe how much cum was running down your legs and wondered what the rest of the day would bring.