03 May 2016

As you return to the markets the next day you are wandering the rows looking to see if your guy is working when he suddenly appears you ask him if he wants lunch today and he tells you he has a surprise ? you look at him and smile before saying ok I will see you later

You return home and are doing some home duties when hubby arrives you tell him that your young stud is coming for lunch and he must hide and watch if he likes

He is so excited about watching you fuck as he finds a suitable place where he can see all with out being found out

Its lunch time and you find your self sitting with a glass of scotch slowly touching yourself so hubby can see thinking of whats the surprise when you hear the car coming up the drive

Your stud walks in and says he has the rest of the day off and kisses you passionately

This makes you weak at the knees as you feel for his cock and start to rub it through his pants its so good to feel it again and you continue to kiss

He slowly starts to kiss your neck and ears while massaging your breast and nipples its sending you wild with pleasure

You start to undo his pants and take his cloths off as you kiss him and he responds by unzipping your dress and letting it fall to the floor leaving you naked and wanting his touch

As you take his cock and start to stroke it he is running his fingers up your neck and kissing you on the lips you sigh and he drops to his knees as you sit on the couch opening your legs to allow his body to come closer he starts to suck on your breast and moves his face toward your now wet pussy

You feel his fingers slipping in as he sucks and licks your clit

You push up with your hips to feel it better

He licks and finger fucks you till you cum and asks you if you want more

You wonder why and say yes

He then takes a blindfold and puts it on as you lay on the rug

you feel him start to suck and lick your clit again as his fingers fill you with pleasure your having so much fun as he then lays down and you 69 him taking his cock deep and slow sucking like a teenager

You feel him licking your clit again as you grind your pussy into his face it feels wonderful and all the time you are wondering what hubby thinks watching you suck this studs monster cock

you change positions and impale your self on his cock filling and stretching your pussy as you ride him like a wild bull grinding your clit against his body as his cock continues to pump you your licking your lips and opening your mouth feeling the pleasure build again

As you orgasm you open your mouth and suddenly feel a cock at it you are surprised but assume its hubby and start to suck on it

you continue to ride his cock when you hear a voice saying fuck that's looks nice and realize what the surprise is its hubby wanting to fill your mouth as well you but whos cock are you sucking mmm but it taste nice as you take it in and swallow it all the way sucking it like its your favorite lolly

You feel it starting to pump as it fills your mouth and swallow sucking every drop licking your lips

Hubby takes over as you get on all fours and starts to fuck you good and deep you feel your stud licking at your clit and find and take his cock in your mouth as you suck it

Its not long before hubby is filling your pussy with cum and your stud is filling your mouth as you suck his cock dry and push back on hubbies cock as well they let you rest and have a drink while taking turns at licking your wet pussy they both are enjoying your pie as you take a sip thinking today is going to be fun you take your blindfold of and pull the other stud close his cock starting to grow again as you lick it and ask your other boys do they want some ?

Your first stud is looking with anticipation as you pull his face toward his mates cock saying now I will have that surprise as I watch you suck his cock for me

as he sucked hubby is looking on and starts kissing you with passion you take the studs cock and start to suck it as well hubbies lips just centremeters away you smile and ask him does he want some only to see him take it and start sucking You share it with him and watch as the studs mate starts to suck hubbies cock as well

Hubby whispers in your ear how good it feels

They take turns at fucking you dogy as you suck them for the after noon this is one surprise you have waited for