03 May 2016

As you go about your morning at home you realize you need a few things and decide to throw on a skirt and blouse

Your wearing your favorite tight mini and pink g

You jump in the car and head off to the local market where while shopping you notice an attendant that seems to be following you by being in the same isle as you on a few occasions

You see him looking his is tall well built and rather sexy this makes you feel a few tingles in your pussy so you decide to bend over to grab something from the bottom shelf to see his reaction mm yes you guessed it right he watched and you no he would have seem your but and thong with this you move toward him and smile and look straight at his large cock trying to escape his tight pants he sees you smile again as he asked if you need any help

You think for a second and ask him if they stock sexy lubes he is a little taken but says yes I will show you

As you follow you watch his ass and start to think mmm I so want to suck and fuck him

You arrive at the isle and ask if he has any favorite type he replies the one here is the best. As you reach past his body your breast brushes his arm you have his full attention now and as you turn to place the item in your trolley you back up as you bend so to brush against his cock he pushes forward just a little and you turn and smile and ask does he get a lunch break he replies we have to take an hour you smile again as you wright the address and slip it into his pocket feeling the head of his erect cock as you do

You proceed to the check out and return home thinking will he come as you lay on the lounge feeling your thigh and running you fingers over your now wet and horny pussy

You take off your nickers and go and get a large toy and some of your new flavor lube

As your rubbing your vib over your clit and slipping it in and out of your sweet pussy you hear a car and think mmm what a surprise you continue to pleasure your self as he walks in he sees your open legs and pussy filled with your rubber cock you no he wants it as he asks would you like me to help

He strips and relesses his large cock nice and tidy and a nice head your pussy has a spasm as you watch him lower his face and start to lick your clit as he fills you with your toy expertly sliding its vib over you g spot as he sucks and licks your clit

He is good and does this for about half and hour until he feels you close and picks up the tempo you shudder as you come and squeeze his face with your thighs

You stop him and take his cock in your mouth sucking and licking his sweet pre cum and then taking his whole cock lick an expert a deep throating him he is in another place as you suck and swallow his cock he starts to pump your face and you no you want it so you take him deep as he shoots his cum down you neck you suck him dry and then lick the tip of his cock saying would you like to have lunch again and smile he tells you yes and says he might have a surprise next time you tell him you like that as he leaves

You lay for a while starting to play again when you hear hubby come home he walks in and see you there and asked what you have been up to you hold him and kiss him noing he will taste this young mans cum his cock is hard and you strip him and ask him to fuck you again he doesn't wait as he fills you again and again with his own sweet cum and says he wants to find you next time with this young stud so he can watch and join.