Written by Sapiosexual

23 Feb 2018

I love your feet, sexy and sensual in those red, designer heels

I love your hips, your curves and the warmth of your soft feel

I love to pull away your hair to accentuate your slim and elegant neck

I love to breath out my desire for you down the length of your back

I love your mouth, how it speaks words of romance but also of sleaze

I love how your lips can seduce me, tease and always fully please

I love how I drown in the depths of your mesmerizing, blue eyes

How they tell me of your desires with no pretence and no lies

I love how your thighs are inviting while your hands gently guide me in

In those moments, you become my queen and I become your king

I love how our rhythm becomes faster

How your breathing becomes deeper and harder

I love how your soul transcends your body in the moments when you come

And how you return to me to spend those moments with me as one

Your tense muscles, sweat and raised heartbeat speak of desire, lust and eventual release

You are a Goddess, my Kryptonite, you become my Achilles heel

I love every inch of you, inside and out, you are one of a kind

But more than anything else, I would love to fuck your mind