Written by 2 Weekenders

09 Dec 2011


Through the fevered heat of the night into misty dawn. Still, your essense lingers, captured in my senses. Intensely you penetrated your way in. Slowly, ever so slow i let you....


I know your inner most thoughts. let me tell you what you feel. look into my eyes, let me take you deep. You hide... want to come out and play, but you're afraid. C'mon open up, let me in and breathe... Feel that warmth begin rising from your feet, you want to deny that i am right, yet internally concede to that stirring tingles, jolt while tummy soars, the anticipation grows. is that a smile i see? Let me in closer, give yourself to me, i know you want to feel increasing desire. let me caress your will, do not deny me. you have yearned so long. has no one touched you as i know i can? Oh yes go ahead breathe... I love listening to you breatheā€¦ Feel the warmth wisp up your legs, lip quivers as you bite down, i am all you need, this you know, don't fight it or struggle with your thoughts, yielding ever so slowly, your smile tells me so. Feel my hot breath upon your flesh, envelope and consuming your senses. i know your heart races at this moment, quickening breath betrays, your body trembles excitement within, feel that rush C'mon breathe.... You long for me to go deeper, don't you? lips brush milky flesh, as i whisper only for you, words float across sensual ache, you like when i talk to you this way, the lust building like embers slowly, kindled smoldering desire to let me in. Thighs weak with hunger as the warmth spreads across your valley, sweet honey flows, rousing need reminds you of passions long forgot, hidden away until now. are you ready? shall i go deeper? inhale and breathe....