Written by Adrian

03 Nov 2016

They sat in a dimly lit, intimate corner of the restaurant. Around them was the buzz of conversation and the clink of cutlery. Delicious aromas filled the air. He was handsomely dressed in a navy blue button up shirt and black pants, which offset his tanned skin and dark hair. She wore a white mini dress which displayed her modest cleavage beautifully. Her long dark curls hung to her shoulder and her blue eyes sparkled in anticipation of an exciting evening. They talked quietly, between sips of red wine, the atmosphere between them already electric. She had planned this evening with the precision of a military strike. Dinner, wine, light conversation and then she would seduce him in the car. The thought of it made her skin flush with arousal.

The waiter came by and asked them what they would like to start off with. They placed their orders and refilled their glasses. She was still thinking about what she planned to do later, when she felt his warm, firm hand on her leg. At first his hand just rested there, just above her knee, and she could feel herself getting more aroused. Then he started slowly, gently stroking her leg, from her knee up to where her dress covered the rest of her. He took his time, enjoying the sensation of her smooth skin. She smiled at him, her eyes encouraging him to explore more. His hand dropped to her inner thigh, and she spread her legs slightly to allow him access. He moved slowly, stroking her inner thigh, softly moving higher, and then stopping just before reaching her center. He could feel her heat and her excitement, and also when he went higher up with one of his strokes, a light brushing of hair against his hand which told him she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Slowly he teased her, gently stroking her inner thigh, staying just out of reach of the damp patch of hair at her center. Every now and then he would extend his little finger to lightly brush against her core, causing her to gasp in surprise. She wanted him to touch her, to delve his fingers between her wet lips and touch her aching clit. But yet he just kept stroking her thigh, teasing her, building the anticipation.

At that moment their appetizers came, and the waiter refilled their wine glasses. She had to stop herself from wolfing down her plate, eager to get it out of the way so they could continue. He ate slowly, smiling at her, his eyes proclaiming that he knew exactly how aroused she was. After the waiter came by and removed their plates, his hand dropped to her thigh again, and he started his slow teasing stroke. This time his hand would brush against her wet curls more frequently, causing her to gasp each time. When she thought she could take no more, when she told herself to just take his hand and press it against her, his hand found her fully, pressing on the dark patch lightly. She moaned softly, and then her hand flew up to her mouth, and she looked around to see if anyone heard her. Seeing no-one looking over at them, she relaxed as his hand softly started stroking her wet curls. She shuddered with pleasure as he softly rubbed her, applying light pressure. She managed to keep from yelling at the waiter when he came by to tell them that their main meal was almost ready, and to ask if they’d like more wine. After the waiter left she leaned back in her chair, enjoying the workings of his fingers. Without warning he slipped a finger in between her slick lips and she gasped aloud. He started tracing his finger from her wet core up to her clit and back down, taking his time. She longed for him to focus on her clit, longed for orgasm, but he mercilessly teased her, never staying on her clit long enough to give her release. She had to stifle a cry of disappointment when the waiter brought their main meals, but to her surprise he kept his hand there, still teasing her. As the waiter walked away from their table, he suddenly focused his attention directly on her clit, softly rubbing the wet aching mound. She moaned softly and moved her hips in rhythm with his fingers. She could feel her orgasm building, the pleasure growing until she couldn’t take it any longer. Eyes closed, she bit her lip to keep from screaming out, her breath coming hard and fast as her orgasm rocked her. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her and she gripped the edge of the table to keep herself in her chair. As her orgasm subsided she leaned back in her chair, eyes still closed, catching her breath. Removing his hand, he refilled her wine glass and smiled at her.

At that point the waiter stopped by to ask if they needed anything else, and immediately noticed her flushed cheeks and heavy breathing. When asked if she was alright, she answered that the corner they were sitting in was a bit hot, and would the waiter mind turning up the air-conditioning a bit. They ate their meal in comfortable silence, smiling at each other. After finishing her meal, she leaned back in her chair, closing her eyes in contentment. She suddenly felt his hand on her thigh again, and this time he slipped his fingers between her slick lips without teasing. She gasped and then moaned softly as his fingers deftly found her wet clit and started gently rubbing her again. She was still aroused from her previous orgasm, and she could feel her second orgasm building quickly. As her orgasm overtook her, she bit her lip as before, but could not stop a soft moan from escaping her lips. Her body shuddered and her breathing came in heavy gasps. She thought it would never end, wished that it would never end as she shuddered with pleasure. Her orgasm finally subsided, and she sat back, still breathing hard.

He lovingly stroked her thigh and asked if she would like something more to drink. She could only smile at him exhaustedly and he poured her a glass of water. She had regained some of her composure when the waiter came by to collect their plates and ask if they wanted any dessert. “No, but thank you. I’ve already had my dessert,” was her cryptic response. The waiter left the table to fetch them their bill, and smiled secretly and knowingly to himself.