Written by Oldtoppie

23 Mar 2017

The beach was deserted and silent

But for the gentle breaking of the waves. We were both naked

You on your knees looking out to sea I knelt behind you in the moonlight

Smelling your hair before nuzzling your neck; my hands were on your ample hips

My nuzzles turned to kisses as my fingertips brushed the soft flesh of your nakedness

My hands slid upwards across your silky skin to play with your nipples

And as my fingers teased your swelling nipples you turned your head toward me.

And our mouths met in wet hungry consumption as passion intensified I slid one hand slowly down across your belly

Fingers dallying briefly in the lushness of softness before finding the moist recess I sought.

I slowly started playing with your clit, rubbing it softly whilst kissing you in back of your neck

Your response to my fingering brought you to the brink and then bending you at the waist I quickly pushed you forward until you head touched the sand.

This presented your round buttocks to me so I could see you’re soaking wet pussy begging to be fucked; glistening moistly in the moonlight. I slid my hands up and cupped your perky tits firmly.

I then raised my rock hard thick veined cock and slipped it in slowly between you soaking wet, begging pussy lips. Slowly at first, then deeper harder and faster, my balls slapping against your clit every time I go in deep. I could hear you breathing faster and faster and in the same time hear the waves crashing as if they knew what was going on. The sweat pearls was forming on your back and it looked awesome in the moonlight. I stated to give you my all, pulling your ass closer to me so that I can fuck you harder and deeper. I felt your body contacting as you cum in waves like the sea. This was my key to quirt my load deep inside your pussy. The warmth felt great whilst the cool breeze of the ocean covered our bodies. I pulled my cock out and you took it in your mouth and you could taste your pussy juices mixed with my hot cum. We both lay on our backs for a couple of minutes before you rolled your soft body on mine. I could feel my cock twitching, ready for more of your gorgeous pussy.