Written by Eclare

16 Aug 2016

A night out on a 1st date with a guy I have been chatting to . So drive for about an hour looking for a spot to talk . While he's driving I place my hand on his thigh moving towards the inner thigh. I look up at him and he has a smirk . That was my cue to go on . I start licking his ears, neck, breathing heavily in his ears, placing my hand on to his dick, stroking it, feeling it grow. Within seconds he was rock hard. So I lean back into my seat and carry on talking. He finds a quiet sport near the beach and parks off. As soon as the car stops he pulls down my tight jeans and starts eating my wet pussy. Trying to enjoy it and watch for anyone around. I started moaning softly. He came up for air after a while with a smile on his face . I suggested we get naked and go dip in the ocean. So we undress till our underwear and head to the beach. Holding hands we get to the water and dipped our toes. The water was way too cold so we headed back toward the car. He sat on a sand bank and I sat on him. Face to face, we started kissing again. Both horny as fuck he slips my panty to the side and I start riding him hard and deep. He's holding my ass, moaning and loving it, licking on my hard small nipples, he holds me tight as he presses me down and explodes coming all inside me. Magical night.