Written by LickSuck69

20 Oct 2016

After spending the last few days, rushing from meetings, to fast food outlets, to her guest house apartment, eating very ordinary food, wondering when will this stay end. Jenny was wondering what had happened to me, getting ready for bed, I phone Jenny and said would she like to have dinner with me the next evening since she would be leaving in a day or two. Jenny jumped at the opportunity and said she would meet me after work, saying she would meet me at my town house and we could decide where and how we would spend the evening. Wanting to surprise Jenny no end, my head went into overdrive of what I could do to knock Jenny right of her feet, So I decided I would cook a meal for her and we would spend the evening just relaxing in each others company.

Relaxing, listening to music, with the sound of running water from the water features in the room, the dinner table laid for two, with candles and flowers to set the scene. Waiting for Jenny, there's a knock on the door, opening the door, greeting Jenny, and inviting her in, Jenny grabs me around the neck and hugs my body close to hers, we enter the lounge. Jenny seeing the table, smiles at me and say's what is this, looking at the smile in her beautiful brown eyes, I said, to night I will be cooking for you. I said I will be making my special home made Lasagne Dish, everything will be freshly made including the pasta. Offering her a glass of red wine, we both sitting catting about the day, sipping on our wine, listening to the music in the back ground, Jenny says, it's very relaxing with the sound of running water and so soothing with the music and that she has never seen a collection of L.P.'S before, I said she could look through them and she could choose which one's she would like to listen too. I then said to Jenny, I will need to go and prepare the food otherwise we will not be eating this evening, so I went to the open plan kitchen and started to prepare the beef dish, and the white sauce for the lasagne, then started putting the pasta through the pasta machine, Jenny creeps up on me from behind, suddenly brushing her fingers through my hair, pushing her body against mine, feeling her breast and nipples, getting harder the longer she pushes her body against mine, leaving the pasta machine, I turn around and smile and look at Jenny, brushing my fingers through her hair, running my tongue down her neck and on to the lobe of her ear, causing her to arch her back and then push her horny pussy against me, whispering in my ear, lets first finish preparing the food and while it's in the oven we can complete our passionate kissing. one, two, three, the food is in the oven, for the next thirty minutes, it's time to keep kissing, running our hands over our bodies. Finally the meal is ready, the Lasagne, the Greek Salad, and the Italian Bread, off to the table we go, with the room only lit by the candles on the table and the lights of the water features in the room. With the wine poured and the food dished, Jenny and I hold hands and thank for the evening we will be spending together. Slowly Jenny starts to nibble on the food, with every load betting bigger and bigger, until she pays a complement to me. Sipping on our wine, eating on our food, Jenny takes my hand and puts it between her legs and says I could no longer prevent my self from letting you feel what I brought you for desert. Feeling how wet her small tight thong like panty's , I could only imagine how horny Jenny must be, kissing on her neck and running my tongue in her ear, Jenny suddenly, grabs hold of my cock, letting go and grabbing it again, saying wow......... guess who is more horny then me, looking and smiling into her eyes, I say enough of the main course, lets go and have desert, so the two of us leave the table and off to the bedroom. Both of us collapse on to the bed, hold each other tight, kissing, then start to loosen each others cloths, throwing them on to the floor, soon we both totally naked on the bed. Jenny rolls over on top of me, rubbing her body all over mine, causing my cock to go wild and end up between he legs feeling her very moist pussy. Jenny takes hold of my cock with her hand and pushes it up her pussy, lying on top of me, feeling her warm body close to mine, my horny cock inside her warm pussy is driving me crazy. Then both of us start fucking up and down in a rhythm motion. Starting slowly, very slowly, then gathering speed, until we both fucking like crazy, fucking, fucking, till we both ready to drop, Jenny collapses on top of me, and I hold her tight in my arms, and my heart still jumping a beat, after all this, Jenny whispers in my ear, can you imagine what Kathleen is going to say when I tell her about our evening and next time I will be stay with you. Can't wait for Jenny to return Cape Town.