Written by AngeliqueB

28 Mar 2014

I hear from the bedroom, the taps being put on and the shower door open and close, as you get into the shower and I think, how nice would it not be to join you........ it has been a very long day since we said goodbye to each other this morning.

The bathroom is already filling with steam, as I enter and softly close the door. Letting the clothes I have been wearing fall to the floor, I open the sliding door and get into the shower, in front of you. You are pleasantly surprised, but say and do nothing except making sure the door is closed behind me. I silently reach up, pulling your wet head down and kiss you in greeting, as the water wets my face. You kiss me back, taking me into your strong arms. Standing together, kissing long and leisurely in complete contrast to both our busy schedules, the warm water sprays over our bodies. I fit perfectly into you, touching all the right places - my breasts just below your chest; you softly touching my tummy and my legs placed neatly between yours.

We begin to wash each other - first your body and then mine. Long, slow, stroking movements with a soapy sponge; cleaning away the stress from the work week. The shower fills with the smell of aromatic soap - clean and revitalizing. You take shampoo and start to wash my hair, gently massaging it into my scalp you know that this, is my favourite. Your hands together, can cup my entire head and pulling it back you expose my neck to your now hungry mouth. Water trickles in as you trail a kiss and we laugh, as you choke just a little bit. Rinsing off, the soapy water disappears in circles below us, taking the exhaustion with it. It is too warm and cosy to get out now, into the cooling evening air and I do not want to anyway.....

You gently turn me, pulling my back up against your body, so that the water rushes down over your shoulders and down over the front of mine. As I lift both my arms above my head to bring yours down closer to the side of mine, my body is stretched upwards, lengthening my line wondrously lifting my breasts and flattening my tummy. Your arms move to encircle my waist and your hands start to explore. They know so well, what they will find. All their special places - my breasts, now tight and firm, nipples hard from excitement, begging for your caress; my waist; my tummy; my belly button, as you dip in a finger and tickle; my hip bones where the skin is pulled taut; and, you trace a scar where your children were removed from my body, slowly remembering.

As my breath quickens, your one hand gathers a breast, filling your palm with its volume; the other trails downwards to find short, soft wet hairs, curling to meet your fingers. The pressure of your hand increases as you press with the heel of it against my pubic bone and your fingers naturally cup me into your grasp. You cover my womanhood with your hand completely and you hold me tighter with both hands, in anticipation and growing need, bodily against you. The warmth of the shower; the water on my skin; the smell of clean bodies; your hands all over me - I am in heaven!!

Slowly your fingers start to move, sliding, rubbing, and dipping between soft folds of skin - willing me to move my legs ever so slightly apart, so giving you greater access. You brace yourself to support me, as with growing excitement, I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep standing still. I shyly turn my face and bury it into your neck, knowing full well, what it is that you are about to do to me.

Your fingers move over me and find their way, in a single sensual and welcoming invasive movement into me. I am already so wet there (and not from water!) and I take you deep inside forcing you to have to bend ever so slightly over me, to give yourself length in your arm, to allow your fingers to reach the depths within. You knowingly still your hand, allowing me a moment to catch my breath. And then, with increasing pace and seductive rhythm, you play my body with your mouth in my neck and both your hands, as the other has found its own nipple to tease, until I explode with such intense feelings, that your free arm has to move down suddenly, to encircle my waist and hold me upright, in case I should falter from the passion rippling through my body in tumultuous waves, and I loose my footing on the slippery mosaic floor.

The sound of the shower calms me and as you remove your fingers from within me, I turn and kiss you. Thanking you, for what it is that you have just done. The kiss is lovingly deep; letting you know, how wonderful that was and how well it is, what you do. It is appreciated and you deserve the same attention and show of love.

My kiss lessens in its intensity and I wantonly leave your mouth, trailing my lips to the line of your jaw, as my hands move to your chest. I not-so-gently push you up against the cold shower wall - you gasp; fuck it is cold! I press my body suggestively against you and instantly you realize, what it is that you are about to receive. My ultimate gift of love and trust, not often bestowed (special occasions only; and wait, it is not even your birthday!!!) but it is offered to you now.

In one fluid motion, my mouth, my hands and my body sensually slide down your front. You cleverly alter you stance to make place for me between your legs, as I kneel at your feet best you wipe that grin off your face!!! The water is hitting you square in the chest, heightening your sense of arousal; leaving you exposed and splayed against the wall; a very willing man. The spray runs down between us. Your back and hands move to touch flat against the ceramic tiles, as you prepare yourself for what is to come. One of my hands reaches for you, and rather unladylike (which I know you like!) I take you, pulling you straight up to my mouth. You are hard throbbing and so incredibly hard, with desire, as the foreplay with pleasing me has tested your will. I place a gentle but firm kiss on your tip, and squeeze your shaft slightly with one hand, as my tongue reaches out to touch you.

My free hand moves around the back of your thigh and my hand curls into between your legs, to help me grip you, as I begin my slow assault on your cock. You look down and appreciatively view my dark wet head nestled into your groin, moving slowly, loving you with every back and forth movement. A sight for sore eyes! I feel your look and raise one long arm up, to touch the place where your heart is, with my hand. You close your eyes now and lean back, to fully enjoy the feeling; your breathing is laboured - fast and shallow, your knees feel weak and as the pleasure of my mouth on you increases, your mind starts being blow away..

I can soon taste and feel that you are reaching a point of no return. I take my mouth away and immediately replace it with an expert hand, as I trail kisses away along your hard throbbing length, into your groin - just where your legs and inner thigh joins your hip. The feel of my mouth now, in that crease and my hand moving rapidly to and fro, along your length, is more than you can handle. You hoarsely tell me that you are ready and in pulsating jerks, muscles tensing and straining, you cum, and cum and cum with a spray all of your own.

It is quiet now with just the sound of the gushing water and our breaths returning to normal. You reach down and lift me up into your arms, bending your head and kiss me. Hard!

With a quick, energized rewash and rinse - shit, I feel like a whole new woman!! - I leave you to finish your shower in peace, knowing that you need time to regain your composed and strength, as there is still an entire evening ahead and, the need to shower again, could very well be a possibility!