Written by LickSuck69.

01 Nov 2016

This was written for all the dreaming lonely women out there.

Deep in my heart I carry

The image of a man

That I could love;

A man whose senses throb with life,

Who's looked at beauty and felt

An answering call within his soul;

Who's heart has taken pain and hurt,

And turned them into love,

With a mind that's honed and stretched,

Who's seen and understood

And is questioned all there is

And still knows how to hope.

A man with no pretenses

Who doesn't need to hide;

A man who's real and true

And not afraid to drop his mask

And let me see his vulnerability;

A man who's strong enough to know

That he is weak,

And, knowing this, forgive;

A man who sees the funny side

And laughs at life and at himself

And yet reveres the spirit of God

That breathes in all mankind.

A man who'd look at me

And see the one I am

And the one that I might be;

And have the generosity

To want what's best for me;

A man who'd share

And be there when I faltered

And off to carry an extra load

Deep in my heart I cherish

This man I know so well.

So long I've dreamed

Of finding him,

The man that I could love.

But if I ever do

I'll have to be a woman

Such a man could love.