Written by bornready4fun

08 Jul 2013


We all decided on a change of scenery so we took our private party to club Feathers. What a nice place and everyone is so friendly. We got a place right in front of the fire place. The play areas have the effect of a harem and so nicely done. Three private rooms and two voyeur rooms. There’s also a lounge area with mattresses in front of a fireplace, with couches around them, really very nicely done. It cash bar with fairly reasonable prices and a great dance floor. In the one corner there’s a door you go through then you’re in thee heated pool area – perfect pool to start off everything.

After a nice meal we all engaged in the pool but sadly the water was too cold to stay in it for longer than 5 minutes. Lockers and towels are freely available but being in the lifestyle for some time one gets used to bring our own towels. We decided to rather leave the pool for a warmer evening and went back to our fireplace. After speaking to the owners they said its fine to bring mattresses to our place and make our own playroom as our group was a bit too big for a single room. So said and it was done we had 3 mattresses in front of the fire and all our couches around it made it open but private. Jip now everyone knows there’s a born’s corner too.

Finally it was time for everyone to start playing and while Freckles and Sandy shark started on the couch, he bought the most beautiful jewellery for sandy’s nipple rings and we all had to inspect it first off course, me and haelje started on the mattress and wannabe, he has this amassing freneum ladder and its great to play with his balls, joined us. Wow this is definitely a nice way to start heating things up mmmmmmmmmmmm while haelje is busy eating mango and boy this is something this man can really do well and no woman can hold back, I’m kissing and fondling wannabe and Dee joins us so now I'm a girl in heaven – getting a cock at my pussy one in my mouth and one in my hand so off course it doesn’t take long to drive me over the edge for the first of many orgasms. After some time Dee starts to fuck me in high missionary and he really loves pounding me hard and deep.

Haelje and freckles and sandy starts playing on the mattress next to us and now things really heat up all that is heard is me and sandy moaning and screaming our orgasms out one after the other.

Pieter and Magda decided they want to try out the private rooms so off they go as for the rest of us we love the idea of people watching us and getting aroused.

Time to take a smoke break and get our bodies rehydrated again just as Luscious busty and her partner joins us after they also had some fun in the rooms. This is always for me the most fabulous time cause then all the shyness is gone and we relax naked together and talks about everything. Sandy very cleverly stands in front of the fire to heat up her ass and gets a fire tan which the next day is really painful and sore but eish ears she will never have.

Round two starts lol and Dee and haelje starts playing with sandy as I still sit and watch. It’s always such a turn on for me to see Dee enjoying him and making my best friend the happiest girl in the world. With loads o laughs while Dee is fucking sandy and the mattress keeps on moving forward closer and closer to the fire haelje comes over and pull me back on the mattress. Suddenly I pull houvanpret closer and starts playing with his cock……………. Wow what an amazing thing for the first time in my life I have been able to take the lead and invite a man closer so believe me for me this was a major thing. He has a very beautiful cock also shaven and wow what a magnificent taste Mmmmmmmm me licking off his pre cum and feeling how hard he gets is just amazing and makes me so horny. After a while haelje and houvanpret change places and now suddenly here’s a man that knows exactly how to make me cumm and squirt …………. Luckily the towels are in place very quickly and haelje starts rubbing my very sensitive clit while houvanpret is fucking me hard and slowly and building up to a great orgasm. Suddenly he withdrew and with his fingers he rubs me so well that I start squirting like a fountain, I still thought it was Haelje so he received a few good spankings until I realized it wasn’t Haelje.

Time for a refreshing drink again and now I'm double clutching on the cigarette trying to calm myself down. Wow this is a great feeling of Cumming so many times and makes my clit soooooo ooooooooooooo sensitive that with a little flick I break into another climax

After a well deserved break me and Dee starts playing again and by now it doesn’t even take a min to get me Cumming and squirting all over him while he’s fucking me hard and I’m sucking houvanpret. Its so amazing to see how he enjoys it and after some time he stops me cause he’s feeling too close and off course that will just makes me more determent to make him cumm in my mouth……………… wow what a great feeling to have him explode like that. Cleaning him up while he’s still shivering is just sooooooooooooooo amazing.

Sandy and I first go to the bathroom to clean up a bit. Wow it’s so sensitive and I just love the feeling. One thing this club can really invest in is a shower for the bathrooms. After a good reses and a few drinks later me and Dee starts playing again while sandy and haelje starts next to us. This is just so amazing hearing and seeing my best friend’s right next to us enjoying one another. While Dee starts ramming into my very sensitive pussy by now, haelje starts ramming sandy and we both explode into mighty orgasms feeling my juices gushing out of me the next minute Dee and haelje communicate between them and decided to change partners in midstroke so the one minute I still feel Dee and the next minute its haelje that’s really ramming me hard and fast. Wow wow wow this is so amazing and we both spiral into another mindblowing orgasms.

After three we all have al last cup of coffee and time to head back to Pretoria…………. What a great evening for all of us. Yes it does cost a few rands to enjoy a night at a club but really this is def worth it for a night without kids or responsibilities.