10 Sep 2017

I have an on-going fantasy where my wife has a secret meeting with a sexual partner during work time. Here's how it plays out...

She greets him at the door to the vacant building. His eyes take in her gorgeous figure, heels and stockings. Unable to resist he clamps his mouth to hers and presses his body against her. She is made instantly aware of his 'growing' need.

Breaking away, she invites him to sit on the office chair. Lowering herself between his legs, she unzips his trousers and releases his semi hardness. Her tongue slowly traces a line from his heavy balls, up his shaft to his cockhead. Hungrily she sucks it in her warm mouth. His pleasure is apparent as he swells to full erection, testing her gag reflex to its fullest capability. Needing assistance, her hand now starts pumping the shaft as her mouth and tongue work the engorged head.

Satisfied that he is at full mast, she raises up and not even taking time to undress, positions herself over his lap. She guides his impressive girth to her already slick entrance and starts to lower herself inch by delicious inch, adjusting to his size and loving the feeling of fullness. With his balls pressing against her bum, she slowly starts grinding herself against his pubic area, her clit is worked into a frenzy and she can't help but explode in orgasm.

He takes this as his cue. He stands up, swivels her around and bends her over the desk. He lifts her flimsy dress and guides himself back into her. He starts a rhythmic pumping, slamming into her drenched, accepting pussy. Her second orgasm follows. Barely able to stand and sensing the closeness of his release, she offers him her ass. He again lines up and slowly applies pressure, her backdoor offering some resistance but eventually submitting. He works his length in and out but her vice like grip has him at the point of no return. He pulls out and sprays a massive load of cum, coating her ass and pussy lips........