Written by Hailher

11 Feb 2017

I am used to get lots of compliments from men about how sexy my wife is. This happened a few years ago and I want to share it with you.

It all started when I convinced my wife to help me with an auction at an all men’s night. As you know these nights are booze filled and the testosterone levels are high. She was dressed in a pretty black dress and heels. The men had lots of comments on a good way. And she loved all the comments. She likes attention and like to flirt herself.

When the event was finished she wanted to go to a club with a lady friend. I told her that she can leave and that I will catch up later as I had some chores that I must finish before I can leave. Some time after they left I left for the club with a friend of mine. He asked me if I was ok with all the men hitting on my wife like that. They looked like a pack of hungry wolves during the auction. I told him that I know what I have in my wife and that I give her enough space to enjoy herself and that it’s a huge compliment to me if other men finds her attractive. We also had a fair amount of liquor to drink and it was not long for the conversation to turn sexual. Before he could stop himself he said he will not let a chance pass if he could fuck her….he apologized immediately. I said its fine. Its kind of a huge turn on and a fantasy of mine. Hesitantly he said “so you wont mind if I hit on her at the club”. Nope I said. But remember the choice is hers to make. Do not force her if she doesn’t want to he must respect that.

So we met up with them at the club and I could see my friend was on a mission. That night the two of them connected but nothing happened sexually. The day after he started flirting with her on whatsapp. That went on for a while.

Then one night he invited us to a braai at his house. It was kind of a year end function for his office personnel. I had to help him braai all the meat. There were about 20 to 25 people and I had my work cut out for me to braai everyone’s meat to perfection. So much so that I didn’t notice that the two of the were missing.

He sent her a message that she must meet him at the back door. They started kissing. He kissed her in her neck and she whispers in his ear and asked if there is a more private place. All he could think of was the tool shed. Because there was too many people moving in and out of the house. She was had a nice summers dress on with her bikini underneath. In the shed they started kissing again he told her how sexy she was and that he wished for a opportunity like this for a long time. She had a good amount wine and felt naughty. He started caressing her breasts whilst kissing her. She started to feel relaxed and moved her had to his crotch. She felt a huge hard on. They knew the did not have much time so he lifted her dress up and put his hand into her bikini bottom she was already very wet. She undid hos pants, took his stiff rod in her hands and stroked it a few times before kneeling down and took his length in her mouth. She gave him a good bj but he didn’t want to cum too early as he really wanted to fuck her. So he took her by the arm and she stood upright. He then asked her to bend over to which she obliged. Again he lifted her dress up and slid her bikini bottom to her ankles. He quickly buried his face in her pussy to taste her wetness. She was shivering with excitement. He the stood up take his stiff dick and he entered her soaken wet pussy from behind. Rhythmically he started fucking her. She had to muffle her excitement and could not moan out loud with pleasure. It was not long and he could feel he was about to blow his load. So he withdrew and blew his huge load all over her sexy ass cheeks. They then tidied themselves up and rejoined the party as if nothing happened.

She told me this when we went to bed. Needles to say that it was a huge turn on and she was more that happy to help me with my stiff problem as well.

This was the start to lots of fun to follow.