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Reading the wrong signals caused by a jealous pang!!!


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Mrs2sext: So...just to put you guys in the picture and stress that this was before our journey down SH lane.... But written in real time...if that explains anything. ******5yrs or longer ago*** We a couple in our nawty 40s that had both been there, done it and got the Tshirt in regards to marriage. Far worse than for the better except for the kids that were born out of the holy matrinomy. Myself twice failed at making a go at the "white picket fence, happily forever after" and Gregg only once bitten, twice shy. Although we both proud to parents to seven offspring between the two of us. Myself mother to three girls and Gregg dad of four sons (none staying with us at present). So back to the story. I joined a date site and after a few hit and runs on one of the free date sites and I literally mean they " Hit and Ran" ?.. I was a bitch and difficult refused to take their shit!! My bullshit meter usually went into the "Red " area constantly. So I literally resigned myself a single life of a lonely Bitch with now and again desperately resorting to NSA/FWB meets every now and again to fullfill a need. Anyway during one of my therapeutic sessions of (Swiping Left-Unlike) on the least successful Dating App I scrolled over Greggs profile and instead of swiping left for therapeutic affect, hesitation and oops! I had accidently swiped right and before l knew it (fast fwd) I had invited myself to his place (Red Flag) on Saturday for our first meet and greet. FWD........ Anyway to cut a long story short he was the type of guy that my mother and father had warned me about, (not that I ever heeded to their warnings as I always did the complete opposite). Besides his muscular biceps and massive chest which perfectly balanced out the slight paunch developing which in my case would normally have been a turn-off but suprisingly added to his attractiveness. But my eyes locked on his calves that were bulging as if on steriods. I was appraising him up and down and giving him my once over in approval. Instantly my mischievous side mixed with my sarcastic sense of humour persona (which is a mask) was in control and consciously I felt a unknown yet familar dark sensual erotic side of myself stir deep within that I thought never existed before. Skip to Chapter2..... I had suppressed my dark fantasies and desires for more than 2years whilst living with Gregg (Yes I moved in) I slowly started opening up with him and began taking baby steps and allowing Gregg to create a joint profile on FB so we could explore the erotic kink together and hopefully fulfil our fantasies where he could test my boundaries and I would discover my limits. We created bucket list and the number 5 on the list was, Sex in public place. So with the confidence of long blonde extensions, semi see thru black ski pants black and deep V neck bliuse exposing my cleavage, high boots, we hit the local restuarant and bar where live music was played by husband and wife duet on Saturday nights. The place was dingy yet cozy and at the same time creating a romantic environment. As we walked in I felt the all guys eyes on me, already undressing me and the womens protective territorial stares burned into me. Gregg made me feel like I was his princess and all I wanted to be was to be his kinky slutty bitch that night. We had been there before had had seen some sexy stuff happen between couples the later it got and the more the brandy specials flowed. Gregg led me to the dance floor and we started our standards provactive sultry samba moves on the dance floor between the tables and chairs. As we were now more relaxed and grinding on esch other as we moved . My eye caught this gorgeous blonde also swaying between other couples and rhythmically swaying on the dance floor also locking her eyes on my mans and then stopping at mine. I must admit she was stunning with short bop hair, petite with an exposed voluptous chest showing off perky sexy boobs. Suddenly she was dancing with us and we just sort of flowed in and out allowing her in to our space. She then turned to face Gregg and carried on sensually moving up and down with her rhythm and ever so slightly moving her hands over Gregs thighs and shoulders and moved in closer whispering something into his ear. I moved back as a pang of jealousy hit me but suddenly Greg turned and slowly left the dance floor and she spun around turning to me and slowly step by sexy step moved in closer to me positioning her knee between my thighs and with her magnetic rhythm she moved opening my knees and thighs with each sway.a I was mesmerized by her touch and boldness. After the song ended she guided me back to Greg who was straddling the bar stool..and expertly cornered me between him and herself. I could feel her leaning into me and moving in closer and tighter against me, her body heat felt hot and good and I begun matching her rhythm beat for beat, sway for sway. My eyes locked onto Gregg eyes and I silently whispered for help?... he smiled shrugging his shoulders approvingly and in response pulled me closer leaving no distance between us, not allowing me to escape. Greg firmly held my wrists and guided my arms up and over his shoulders and interlocking my hands behind his neck.. Feeling his hands move over my bum and tighten around my waist, it sent pangs of desire to my core. I felt soft smooth hands gently glide over my hips slowly inch by inch as if to gauge my reaction. Then perfectly trace her fingers down the front of my ski pants and gently over my outer vagina, feeling relief that I had shaved and was smooth all over. Her hand touched my pussy lips and then roughly cup my mound and squeeze.... OMG. Instinctively I clenched my thighs tightly together offering all and my only resistance. I immediately regretted my reaction as I felt her release her hand from me severing magnetic attraction. Gregg stretched over and around me and held her there against me not giving her a chance to escape. Im conscious to the fact that I'm not wearing any underwear. My initial fear melts away and I can't resist anymore as I feel her fingers return working their way into my elasticised pants onto my mound and knew I was surrendering to her touch. I was conscious to the fact that eyes were on us and I was more aroused by the thought of being watched by almost everyone in the bar. Greg kissed me and said " don't resist baby, enjoy". I squeezed my eyes shut thinking If I can't see them, they neither could see me. Her fingers were probing and searching and I felt my self release a uncontrolled throb repeatedly from my pussy as she simultaneously pried my pussy lips apart with one finger then two.. I loved the feel of letting her hand play with me coaxing me open.. clench and release. Oh my word... couldn't hold it back and the third time I felt the orgasm build and my knees felt wobbly and I felt her immediately start again and so embarrassed as I felt myself beginning to gush fluid all down my legs.. I orgasmed and came hard and deep, my whole body pulsating. I tried prying myself away but she then kissed me on the lips and she tasted so good like cherry chapstix. Her tongue searching for mine, then she let go and myself half in a daze relized she was gone. I asked Greg to please go. I had never experienced or even allowed that from a man yet alone a woman ever before. I AM attracted to guys only so I thought? Always wanted a man only. Now more curious than ever before ? OH MY SOUL... what have I opened up within. OMG....what next? ❤️

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