Written by baron_1

27 Sep 2013

I have to share this with those that are interested.This morning i had to go to a mall to get something and while there i decided to have a haircut. I went into a salon that i have not been into before and was the only customer, a very pleasant young woman assisted me and although she was not outstandingly gorgeous she had an amazing body and was very nice to chat to.Anyway after a while i noticed that one button was undone and every now and then i got a glimse of her boob and a peek of nipple as she was not wearing a bra.I had one of those covers over me and i began to just brush my cock every now and then and got a real boner.Anyway after a while of this i could not help myself and just told her to do up her button as she was really making me feel a bit warm and let out a laugh.She responded and said she could be so lucky to turn someone on a mother of two and left the button and i told her that she was giving me a hardon and needed to slow down with the haircut as i wouldnt be able to stand up right now.She laughed and said she did not believe me so i told her she could cop a feel and to my amazement she looked around and put her hand on my cock which was rock hard.She let out a giggle and still did nothing about the button so i said damn you have lovely nipples.She said i must be joking and i assured her i was not.Anyway we began to joke a bit and i said that i would need to get my rocks offf soon after leaving here as i was now super horny.She said i was then done and to my amasement she said that she was also horny and would have to lock up shop for a while after i left to take herself in hand.This made me even hornier and i joked and said that id love to watch while i played with myself if she was keen and the next thing, she locked the salon and took me by the hand and led me to the back.She said to me she had never done this and was a bit shy but i had turned her on and she could see i was turned on,to which my responce was, well i simply pulled down my fly and took out my hard cock and started stroking it.She looked at it and said wow it looked good and hard.She then took off her jeans and had no panties on and sat on a chair with her legs wide apart.I looked at her pussy and it was very wet and she shaved but had a bit of growth as it was not shaved for a while.She looked at my cock while slowly rubbing her clit and i looked at her cunt while stroking my cock.I asked her if she wanted me to maybe lick her as id love to taste her and she said no.Anyway we carried on like this for a while and i loved the look of her wet open pink pussy and the sound of her fingers in and out of her cunt and had to lick her so i just knelt down and went for her clit.She did not stop me and i licked her pussy and i must say it tasted very sweet and had a lovely aroma,was very fresh and soapy and that turned me on even more, anyway i licked her and she was soon cumming on my tongue.I licked her until her juices were oozing out of her and she was cumming like crazy.When she was done she said to me she had to return the favour and wanted to suck my cock.I did not argue and fed my stiff prick slowly into her hot mouth and watched it slide in and out of her mouth.She was now very horny and asked me to please stand back and wank my cock nice and hard while she fingered herself again and wanted me to talk very dirty to her and wank off and shoot my hot spunk down her throat.I did this and when i was about to cum i let her know and she opened her mouth and i shot every drop of my spunk down her throat and she was busy fingering her cunt and had a finger in her gorgeous arsehole.I love it and asked her if i could lick it while she fingered herself and she said yes please and turned around and put her arse in the air and i licked her gorgeous little arsehole while she fingered herself off again.Anyway after she came again she got out some wet wipes and we cleaned up and did not talk too much and i thanked her for the haircut and the wonderful time playing.She thanked me and let me out of the salon and it was only when i got to my car that i realised that i had not paid her but thought i might just leave that as an excuse to go back next week as i also needed to maybe have a go at playing with her tits which were neglected during our play session. I might just be lucky....