Written by LickSuck69

04 Aug 2016

Standing in the que, wondering what the day holds for me, admiring the sexy curvy mature lady dressed in a red leather bunny jacket, tight dark blue jeans and a pair of sexy black high heel shoes. Suddenly she turns round and winks at me, surprised and flattered by her reaction, I return the great compliment with a great smile, and introduce my self(LickSuck69) to her, on hearing my name leads to great laughter, she starts joking, chatting, and mocking me over my name. Finally I enter the hall to make my kruisie (X), on completing my duty and exiting the hall, never expecting to see her again, suddenly a voice shouts out loud LickSuck69, wait for me.

Embarrassed, sheepishly looking round where the voice came from, she grabs me by hand and tells now we going to have a G & T, laughing and jokingly we disappear out of the crowd, sprightly walking hand in hand down the street over looking the the, she leads me to her home and place of destiny. On entering the home, she tells me to take a seat while she prepares our unforgettable G & T. Imagining, she returns dressed in a blue velvet robe, and says she just felt like something more easy, imagining whats next, suddenly she flashes for me, asking do you like what you see, she seats herself next to me having a great view leads to a passionate session of whispering kissing, cuddling, teasing, licking, sucking her beautiful pink lips of her moist pussy, she slowly starts to unbutton my shirt and removes my shirt and trousers to finally see the real me, after grabbing my rod by her hands and teasing me, she whispers I just want to feel the growth and taste of your rod in my mouth while your tong tip causes me to squirt all over you. She mounts me and rides me like the cowgirl she wants to be. After many hours of romping on the floor, she turns and whispers in my ear, hopefully we won't have to wait until the next Kruisie for our next romp on the floor. Feeling the moist pink pussy one more time with the tip of my tongue, I answered will always be ready for an offer of your great tasting G & T. You scream out my name and LickSuck69 will be there.