Written by garfield_kzn

15 May 2014

so we moved on to the major city of Vienna

the music capital -- of all waltzes

the hotel was centre town , so walking around was easy .

my friends opted for an early eve to bed while I went exploring . the night life there is busier than our day life here . its alive with street cafes , music , wine and party .

there is the Freud museum ....ah the man who put sex on the map .

all his books and manuals on display ..bit boring I say .

I saw 2 ladies giggling as they read some scripts . they sounded Australian to me . I greeted and ventured a guess that they find freud's works amusing . they said it was quite hot . oh ..and why ? well they said he acknowledged that people can be bi also . they way they kept close to each other suggested to me they are bi and have the hots for each other .

I suggested we go to a nearby pub for drinks which they accepted . the drinks flowed as we chatted merrily . I offered to walk with to their hotel . they offered me a night cap in the room . going up in the lift the tall lass Sue started to kiss Ann the voluptous one .

in the room they gave me a good wisky and cuddled on the couch .

their kissing continued with them looking at me to make sure I saw it all .

the hotel's heating system was full on so they started to remove some clothes revealing 2 super bodies . I guessed them to be about 28 to 32 . I was mesmerized by the show . my cock was giving trouble to control . sucking each other nipples really got both of the purring . doing a little strip for me they wriggled out of their jeans to reveal 2 neatly trimmed pussies .

Ann came to sit on my lap while fingering Sue infront of us . Sue bent over and Ann pushed 3 fingers deep in that open cunt . grabbing my cock Ann went even harder in the pussy . ann came with a loud shriek and collapsed next to me . by now Sue took my cock out and sucked in earnest .

I got bolder and pushed her onto the couch with legs high up in the air . I pushed my cock slow in the ever hot pussy . Ann sucked on the tits while I started to bang harder and harder .

the fucking kept on while they kissed and sucked . I shot my man load deep in her pussy while she squirmed orgasm after orgasm . we just lay there exhausted . they filled our glasses and we relaxed until the sun came up . by then we had another hot fuck session with tits every where and pussy on my tongue .

I almost crawled back to my hotel .

breakfast was served and I headed back to bed to sleep off a night of surprise passion

Freud sure made my visit to the waltz city very enjoyable . I still have facebook contact with the 2 aussie chicks and await their visit ....