Written by Mason2013

24 Apr 2015

Well, for starters and most men, I recently became in touch with my Bi side and as my profile states i am on this sight without the knowledge of my significant other as she does not know that i am bi and enjoy some men having their way with me.

To clear up for a minute here, although i am bi, i still prefer a good clean pussy and will not suck another mans dick or don't think i will.

Anyways, i met this gay on a chat site and we been chatting for while. Eventually i built up the courage and met with him at his shop which is not far off from here. His a good looking guy and the moment i entered his store, he locked the door and led me to the back. needless to say, he grabbed my crotch and wen straight down on me after pulling my pants off. Dam this guy could suck, he got me hard in no time and asked me to strip and lay down on my back as he licked me all over my naked body, stopping at my stiff thick cock and taking it all in as deep as he could. Dam, i was loving this as no woman has ever blown me this way ever. He was even sucking my balls and then did something that drove me nuts and got me harder.

He tongue fucked my ass hole, saying thats a man's "G-spot"

after tongue fucking me he licked me up and i felt his cock press againts my hole and then he put on a condom and lubed me up and started fucking me. His cock much thinner and smaller than mine and my ass just swallowed him as he fucked me for ten minutes before he came. and all this time i was just hard and dripping per-cum by the buckets and he was shocked that i never came as yet and so he pulled out and kept on sucking me and jerking my cock for another 30 minutes while he shoved his vibrator all the way in my ass.

Eventually close to an hour, i shot my load off and to his surprise, my dick was still hard in his hand and so he gave me one last suck and because i was pressed for time i could not stay and fuck him.

It was an awesome expereince and now his trying to organise a 3 way where he fucks me and sucks my cock with a woman while i eat her pussy. Hope that happens soon and i will tell all when that happens.

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