Written by Geron

30 Jul 2015

The pub was dimly lit - clouds over the sky, a stench smell of beer and brandy from last night's party. I recognized her straight away, she said she was going to wear a busty lime-green top, with a leather jacket.

I went over and said, "Hi!"

"I need to go to the loo quickly," she said and before i could say 'jack-knife', I stood there staring at her tight arse and back zips of her leather boots. I followed suite, and she disappeared into the toilet.

I looked around, there was nobody, and slipped in. She was already in the loo, I could hear her taking her denims down. "Can I come in?" I whispered, begged and asked.


I went in, and watched her piss - something so sexy about a woman urinating. I stood to the side of the loo, my cock making its welcoming bulge. She stared at it, smiled, then stretch out a welcoming hand and rubbed it. It swelled even more, oh come to me, come to me.

She finished weeing, stood up, her pants down her ankles. Then she dropped to her knees, took my cock out and sucked. Her hair smelled of lime, roses and camomile. It was shiny blond, impeccably done. She has an expensive hair dresser. Her manicured red nails looked like red fireflies as they worked my dick.

I groaned. She was silent.

The she sat me on the loo, flung her shoes and pants to the corner, and tried to ride me. The loo must have been made for small people, it didnt work. I pushed her up, flipped her over, and fucked her from behind. She swallowed her screams, like me, scared to make a commotion in public. We heard somebody entering the loo, click-clack of another lady. She doodled with the water, clangered with combs and lip-stick. We were dead quiet, my cock nestled deeply up the vulva.

She could not hold out, and slowly started moving forward and backward. I tried to contain myself, and then as I was about to burst, the visitor left.

I bent forward, put my fingers on her clitoris, and she happily pressed her swollen joy stick onto my index and middle fingers. She rode it, making only a few gasps. Then the convulsions throughout her body, and the red across her back and arse, followed by goose pimples and a slump.

I shot right up her love channel, i could feel the sperm warming my penis head, making everything damp and mushy. It was going to drip down her inside legs shortly.

We retrieved, she gestured, "Go now, I want to clean myself."

I slipped out, and into the gents toilet, where I wiped myself.

Back to the pub table, I waited for her.

She sat down, I held the chair for her.

She said, "Hi, I am Nettie."

"Hi, I am Geron. Please to meet you."

Nettie smiled and said, "Well thank you for coming for the job interview".

I smiled, I obviously came twice that day.

"Yes, about the job interview, thank you for meeting me here......"