Written by robi

15 May 2013

I come closer and take a sip of champagne and kiss your lips... slowly letting the cold fizzy bubbles enter your mouth...wanting more your mouth opens wider and I feel your tongue on mine almost lapping the champagne up.

You giggle as the bubbles are making us a little light headed, as you giggle some champagne drips out of our mouths and we both watch as the tiny drops roll down your cleavage and disappear towards your belly button..... as we laugh some more we notice another few drops have fallen slightly awkwardly (for the rest of the party goers that is) onto your dress ...around your nipple

I feel your warm mouth begging me for more ....almost inviting me to mess a little more

To our pleasant surprise we find a bathroom off to the side ....with a hot air hand drier...we go in and I lock the door....I lift you up and sit you down on the long marble basin counter top...you wrap your legs around me and we kiss and share champs

I take your dress off and hold it up to the drier .... definately a little longer than needed ....you sitting on the counter and leaning back against the mirror in your undies ... you sipping on your flute of champs ...teasing me a little by moving your other hand suggestively over your bra and panties

You are good at teasing...you jump off the marble counter...and slowly start dancing to the your favourite song that is being played downstairs....and using one free hand...you hold on to the counter...and lean forward....bending over...and pushing your butt over and closer to me

Your butt cheeks are a little red from the cold counter top....I drop your dress and grab your butt cheeks....rubbing them quite hard....getting them red and warm...my hands up and down ....and inside your legs too ..... you spread your legs a little revealing another wet patch ....hmmmm....one for the drier?

You nod silently to me....and I remove them