01 Jan 2016

It is new years eve and I'm getting ready for a group of friends to come over for a casual braai...I have had an incredibly long week at work and not having sex for the entire week has at this point left me with a warm, wet and throbbing pussy. As the people start to arrive my fiance gets the door and i run upstairs to change my outfit... By the time I came down stairs most people had arrived and the fire was burning bright. I stepped out to the garden in a little blue dress with a fantastic cleavage, even if I say so myself.

I started greeting our friends, as I have a thousand times before, hugs and kisses all around...when I greeted Mike (lets call him Mike), I get a tingle in my pussy and I think to myself..."What was that? I rather enjoy his hands on my body" I pull away and he is smiling at me. "Don't give me that attractive slime, don't tease me with your eyes" is rushing through my mind... I've known Mike for years and we have this teasing, flirty way of talking but this felt different. I decide to brush it off as part of my week.

As the evening progress there are some shared laughs and drinks and shots. The Ladies sitting around the table (including Mike's girlfriend), the men around the fire. I feel eyes on me and I turn toward the stare only to find green-brown eyes burning into mine. I smile and wink and he holds up his glass to me.

Somebody calls out that it is time for another round of shots and so the moment is lost when i get handed a shot glass. The party must go on, so I have my shot and get back to the conversation of (coincidentally) sex. From behind I feel lips on my neck and a whisper of air leaves me with goosebumps, my fiance asking me if I can fetch the fire lighters so that Mike can light the bonfire pit inn our garden. I walk into the house and I feel somebody following me, Mike stands behind me and i hand him the fire lighter. For a second our hands touch and i feel that tingle again. we have a chat and take a shot together before heading outside again.

The night goes on and the party is really taking off, I am having so much fun. Laughing and teasing and joking and drinking and just being our usual self's. It's getting closer to the count down for New Years so I head inside to get the champagne glasses. I catch myself looking outside at Mike thinking "fuck you are sexy, to bad we can't play together" and before I realized he was walking straight toward me.

Alone in the kitchen he hugs me from behind and says "I know that we are friends and that we are drinking but tonight you are teasing me like never before". I smile as a shiver sends down my spine and I hear myself say " you started teasing me years ago" Laughing he takes the champagne bottles and i follow him outside.

Its time for the count down and everybody has a glass. As the new year approached people where cheering and congratulating and I found myself in Mikes arms being kissed for the first time in 2016. I melt into him as if it was the most natural place to be and I knew he was feeling the same. I hear somebody say, "hey you 2 this is not a swingers party" and with that he pulled away and the moment was gone.

The evening started coming to an end at around 3am and a lot of the guests where leaving or passing out in the spare rooms upstairs. Mike takes his girl upstairs as she had passed out on the couch and 3 of us where sitting outside. When everybody was gone and asleep I was sitting alone watching the flames dance in the dark. and my mind was filled with the events of the evening.

I look up and I nearly have a heart attack! Right in front of me is Mike standing in the dark watching me. In the dark I can see that seductive smile stretched across his face. I scold him forgiving me a fright and we flirt a bit. I stand up to fill my glass and as i pass him he grabs my hand and pulls me toward him. "You want me as much as I want you" he says and before I answer he kisses me. I want to pull away but he holds my head close to his our lips barely apart and his eyes fixed on mine.

My heart is calm but my body is on fire! As I sit on his lap I feel him growing and my pussy tingling. I feel his hand on my breast, squeezing and wanting. His breath is low as he says "to much cloths", so I get up pull him to stand. Lift my arm and he slowly lifts my dress over my head... He slides his hands down over my body and I get goosebumps, My nipples growing stiff as his thumb strokes them through the top of my bra.

Suddenly he turns around grabs the chair cover and lays it down on the floor. Before he lays me down I take off his shirt and my fingers slide over his chest and with my body touching his I feel him growing even more.

As I lay under the stars naked now, his mouth takes hold of my nipple and a rush of heat and liquid shoots in my pussy. "I want this man" is going through my mind. Slowly he strokes my body and softly over my pussy. Then he slides his finger inside me and says "fuck you are wet". He plays with me for a while,driving me crazy. I cant take it anymore! I want this man!

I push him up so that I can slide his pants off and expose his hard stiff dick and I get on my knees and take him in my mouth. With the cool air over or naked bodies he lets out a groan that makes me so turned on that I'm ready to be fucked and by the taste of his pre-cum in my mouth I know he is ready to.

He bends down and kisses me, slowly pushing back down and then he opens my legs and positions himself. The breeze gives us shivers and before I know it he thrusts himself inside me! My body curves as I cum all over his shaft and the orgasm vibrates through my body. He grabs my breast in both his hands and stretches my legs up over his head.

Our bodies moving together, he fills me with every thrust and then as I'm about to orgasm for the 4th time I dig my nails into his arms and I feel he is about to explode! He grabs my hair and I feel him pushing himself deeper and deeper inside me. Shaking with desire he lets out an "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk" and explodes inside me as my body shakes and curls with me own explosion.

We lay in my garden under the sky and I feel is hot cum dripping out of my pussy... By now its almost 5 am and its starting to become slightly lighter in the sky. Our moment has come to an end...He kisses my forehead and says " that will teach you to tease for 5 years, now we are both left with moments like this for the rest of our lives I hope"