Written by PixieAngel

13 May 2015

She still can’t believe it. She squeals with excitement - he’s coming here. No way is this for real - surely not. She re reads his message just to make sure she isn't seeing things. He will be in her home town from Friday night and he wants to meet finally after all these months of chatting via message, sharing of photos, sending her erotic and arousing clips of his cock. She will finally get the chance to see him in the flesh, touch him, say hello face to face.

They make arrangements for her to meet him in his hotel room after his business meeting Friday night. They exchange mobile phone numbers just in case anything comes up last minute and these arrangements need to change.

The only item she wants up is his delicious big cock. She cannot wait to finally stroke him for herself as he has shown her many times in the clips he keeps sending her, teasing her, taunting her.

She wants to stroke him, lick him, and taste him for herself…. and dare she wish it….. have him fuck her. Her pussy is getting wet just relishing in this thought. She starts to stroke her clit. Oh god I want him to touch me like this with his fingers, his tongue - oh most definitely his tongue. She wants him to bring her to an orgasm again and again and again like she knows she can. She wants to give herself over to him. She will be his to play with, get his pleasure from all night (if that is his wish). Friday night couldn't come quick enough.

Friday night arrives, she is dressed in a short skirt so he can see her thighs, she has on a low cut black top to reveal her ample cleavage. Her hair is up (he’ll know why). She arrives at his hotel and makes her way up to his hotel room. She is feeling a lot of emotions – excitement, nervousness but most importantly she is so aroused. If he touched her pussy right now he would feel her wetness between her legs.

She knocks on his hotel room, waits a few seconds. Hmmmm… no answer. She knocks again - still no answer. Maybe she missed a message from him; she checks her mobile phone for any messages and nothing. Surely not. She automatically thinks he’s changed his mind and that he doesn't want to see her after all. She waits a few more seconds he doesn't appear. She is doing her best to not cry. She was so looking forward to seeing him but her tears flow freely, she is crushed. So as to not to prolong this any longer she makes her way back to the lift to leave.

As she is waiting at the lift she hears her name called out. She turns around and there he is standing in his doorway. He calls her over. She just looks at him not sure whether to just get in the lift and leave or run to him. Her head is telling her to leave, her body is saying “fool give him a chance to explain himself”, as he walks towards her she can’t move - the teasing bastard is wearing nothing but jeans. All she can do is stare at his magnificent body, his toned stomach, his hard chest, those arms which she wants wrapped around her. She wants his body pressed up against her. He takes her hand; she willingly follows him back to his hotel room. Once inside he reaches out and gently wipes away the tear from her cheek then embraces her tightly and whispers “sorry”. She melts against him as he holds her tightly.

She looks up at him. He lifts her chin so he can stare into her eyes and gently kisses her lips and again says “sorry”, and she replies breathlessly “it’s okay. But if you still wish for me to leave I will”. He smiles at her and the replies “no I let my nerves get in the way. But now that you are here where I can touch you and see you. I don’t want you to go anywhere - besides I haven’t had the chance to really drink in the sexy woman standing in front of me, the beautiful woman who has captured my attention”. She smiles at him, he grabs her and kisses her with more intensity, a long lingering passionate kiss - his hands are roaming down to her arse, he squeezes it and pulls her towards him. She can feel how very pleased he is to have her in his arms. His divine cock that is now standing to attention. She moans in pleasure at feeling his erect cock pressed up against her. She wants to touch him now.

Before she gets the chance to stroke his cock through his jeans he suggests they go downstairs to have a couple of drinks at the bar, to relax to get to know one another. She figures why not but has already devised a devious plan in her head that they won’t be spending a lot of time in the bar. She will tease him into wanting to make a hasty exit and return to his hotel room.

He returns with their drinks, she kisses him lightly on the lips as her thank you. They are both so surprised after a few moments at how at ease they are with each other. Both being very cheeky and flirtatious. She turns to face him so he can get full view of her cleavage, she notice he glances at her ample bosom more than once. She, ever so innocently runs her fingers between her boobs with a view to make an adjustment to her top. She parts her legs slightly and rests a hand on her inner thigh to draw his attention to her legs. She certainly has his attention, he stands and announces that it’s time to leave and head back to his hotel room.

In the lift she takes her chance to be a naughty naughty girl, which should not surprise him in the slightest. She pushes him up against the wall of the lift and presses her body against him. She slides her hand down his chest to his cock, and starts to gently touch him - caressing his cock through his jeans. She grabs his hand puts it up under her top so he can cup one of her boobs. She kisses him slowly and softly and nibbles on his neck.

She starts to undo the zip on his jeans, he grabs her hand to stop her – he grabs her by the shoulders and turns her around, his hands wrapped around her waist, he pulls her back into him, his hand is slowly making its way up her inner thigh, she gasps in pleasure as his hand skims her pussy. His hands are now cupping both breasts, she reaches behind her and starts to rub his cock again. She wants to touch his flesh but again he stops her from undoing his zip. Oh now she’s worked out his game. He is in charge, he is showing his dominance, and he will be the one in charge from here, exactly how she wants it.

Back on his room they are both standing at the foot of his bed. He slides his hands up her thighs and hooks two fingers on either side of knickers and slowly removes them, he kisses her pussy on the way down, she groans in pleasure of feeling his warm moist lips on her flesh. He tells her to lie on the bed and close her eyes. She is not to open them until directed to do so.

She hears him approach the bed, she feels him get onto the bed and lean forward. She is told to open her eyes. She gasps at the sight in front her. He’s totally naked. She shivers with pleasure, goose bumps are all over her body. She reaches out a hand to touch him - he stops her. He tells her to turn on her side facing away from him. She does so ever so reluctantly. He gets onto the bed and lies behind her, his hand reaches around her front, under her skirt and he parts her legs and starts to caress her pussy. He parts her pussy lips with two fingers and glides them along her wet slit. She gasps at the pleasure of his touch. The touch she has so longed for and fantasised about. She parts her legs slightly to give him easier access. He runs his fingers up her pussy until he finds her clit which is now hardened by her arousal; he starts to circle her clit gently and slowly. She can feel him moving his hips behind her rubbing his cock up against her exposed arse. Fuck… it feels so good. She wants to grab him but he won’t allow it. He removes her skirt, top and bra. He now wants her naked, and he wants to feel their naked bodies pressed up against each other.

He asks her to turn onto her back. He kisses her firmly and passionately a long lingering kiss as her legs fall open fully spread allowing him full access to her pussy. He welcomes the invitation and runs his fingers down her pussy until his fingers are teasing and touching her opening and slowly he inserts two fingers into her pussy. She moans and grabs his hand she wants his fingers in deeper. He thrusts his fingers in and out of her now very wet pussy over and over again enjoying the sounds of her moaning and gasps of pleasure of each thrust. He re-positions himself and makes his way down to her pussy, so he can lick her clit; he has been waiting so long to taste her, to lick her pussy, to touch her to bring her to orgasm.

The first lick of his tongue nearly sends her over the edge. Oh god, she has fantasised about him eating her pussy, licking her to orgasm she wants to him to lick her all night long. He starts to lick her clit nice and slowly, soft circles with his tongues, his fingers are moving in and out of her nice and slowly. She starts to breathe heavier. She starts to rock her hips so she can rub her clit against his tongue harder, with more intensity.

She is squeezing her boobs, pinching her nipples trying to not orgasm yet. She wants to feel him between her legs giving her the pleasure she has wanted / needed from him for so long. She starts to rock her hips quicker, rubbing herself against his tongue she is so close to cumming. She asks him to go faster with his fingers. She grabs his wrist. She is so close she can’t hold back any longer. She rocks her hips faster and faster. She is not going to hold back any more she announces she is going to cum. He licks her faster and harder and she cries out as she explodes, holding onto him, begging him to keep licking her clit, asking him to not stop yet. Unbelievable she can feel another orgasm building up. She is so aroused and tells him to keep licking her. He looks at her. She begs him not to stop and within a couple more minutes she explodes again. He groans in pleasure at hearing her cum for the second time.

He gently licks her pussy one more time, removes his fingers and kisses her with lips soaked in her own pussy juices. She grabs him, runs her nails down his back, grabs his arse and pulls him towards here. She feels his cock twitch up against her pussy. Fuck he is so hard, so big and his cock is so warm. She wants him… wants him to fuck her now.

She begs for him to plough his cock deep inside her pussy, hard “fuck me” she says. He can longer hold back he does as she asks. He looks her directly into her eyes as he positions his cock head at her now very wet entrance. He slowly enters her inch by inch retaining eye contact with her. He moans in pleasure at her tightness, he slowly withdraws his cock and with one swift hard movement ploughs his cock her deep into her, she closes her eyes as the pleasure radiates through her whole body, she grabs him, holds him tight, hangs onto to him for each thrust of his cock. She starts to meet each thrust with her hips, greeting each thrust of his big hard cock with a moan of pleasure. She can feel his intensity building, his moans of pleasure increasing; he is close to cumming inside of her, filling up her pussy with his semen.

He kisses her hard on the lips between thrusts, he kisses each boob, nibbling her nipples, squeezes her boobs. He rests his head on their softness as he continues to fuck her… she tells him to “fuck her hard, faster don’t hold back. I want to feel you cum… I want to feel your cock twitch as you empty yourself inside of me…. I want to hear you moan in pleasure as you let go and cum, cum hard”. He can’t hold back any more. He starts to fuck her faster and harder, she holds onto him waiting for him to explode, he looks at her as he cums, as he releases himself – he kisses her and kisses her.

Once he is spent he collapses onto top her… head once again lying cushioned on her ample bosoms, she is running her nails gently up and down his back, caressing his arse. She loves to feel him lying atop of her. They lay together like this relaxing just relishing in their love making, enjoying each others touch.

After an hour or so she can’t wait any longer she needs to touch his cock, lick him, taste him, wrap her lips around his shaft and slide his cock between her lips. She wants to pleasure him in this way. She carefully moves to position herself between his thighs, she gently grabs his cock and slowly starts to caress him. He stirs and opens his eyes and looks at her with a huge smile on his face. She smiles back at him, dips her head and runs her tongue from balls to the tip of his cock. He throws his head back and gasps at the feeling of her tongue on his cock. She wraps her fingers around his cock and slowly strokes him until he becomes so hard. She gently licks his cock head, wraps her lips around his cock and slowly slides his cock in her mouth. She repeats this over and over and over, she so loves pleasuring a guy’s cock in this way.

She strokes him until she sees a bead of pre-cum on his cock his head. She looks at him and licks his cock head, tasting his pre-cum. She strokes him again until another bead appears and licks that as well. She gently tugs at his balls as she inserts his cock into her mouth. He moans out loud at feeling his cock so deep inside her mouth. This time when she releases his cock and starts to stroke him he grabs her pulls her atop him and grabs his cock and ploughs it into her pussy hard. She screams out in pleasure of the surprise of the ferocity at how he has just entered her, deep and hard. He grabs her hips and they move in unison together fucking each other, she can feel her clit rubbing against him, she can feel herself building up to orgasm already, she fucks him hard taking over for her own pleasure to ensure she cums first, she needs to cum now. She leans forward and her boobs are rubbing up against his chest, she tells him to grab her arse and thrusts her hips - using his cock for her pleasure to bring her to orgasms. Before long she can’t take it any more and explodes all over his cock - her pussy juices running down his cock and soaking his balls.

He tells her he is going to fuck her hard and deep and in her favourite position. She knows what that means and gets off him, bends over and puts two hands onto the bed so he can position himself behind her, to fuck her doggy style. He grabs her boobs and positions his cock at her opening and ploughs his cock deep and hard into her pussy. He thrusts hard, harder… she moans in pleasure…. he grabs her boobs to steady himself so he can fuck her the way she likes to be fucked with no mercy, he can fuck her the way he needs too, the way he wants to. He pulls her pigtail to pull her back closer into him, so he can ensure every inch of his cock is inside her tight wet pussy. She tells him “to fuck her hard, fuck me harder don’t stop”. She starts to push back against his cock, she wants him in deeper. She wants to feel him losing control, to fuck her like he needs to so that he cums inside of her the way he wants. She has no right to tell him how to fuck her now as he is in full control. She will just take each hard thrust of his cock and take it until he cums inside of her.

His thrusting is getting harder, faster and deeper. She can tell he is so close to cumming. She can feel his cock getting bigger as he is close to cumming. After a couple of more thrusts his groans of pleasure give him away. His intensity is growing. He grabs her so as to hold on as he climaxes inside of her. She is so turned on in hearing him cum. His thrusts slow down as he finishes fucking her. He holds onto her as he slows, he eventually stops. She turns her head to look at him. He leans forward, kisses her and tells her to lay on down on the bed. He wants to lick her pussy and bring her to orgasms once again. He cannot get enough of tasting her pussy… caressing her clit with his tongue and hearing her cum.

They are both blissfully exhausted from their love making. He asks her to stay the night - she nods in agreement. He kisses her and wraps his arms around her and they both fall asleep with their naked sweaty bodies pressed together.