Written by Partyme

24 Jan 2015

As he enters his eyes light up as she smiles at him. She shows him to the lounge where they sit down and chat Little. He notices he body language change as she sits opposite him on the couch. She Go’s to the kitchen to fetch the coffee, and trying not to stare he watches her swifly walk away. As she returns she sits next to him. Now a little nerves he stumbles on his words as he keeps his cool.

An hour go’s by both laughing and smiling she gets up and whispers in his ear “ Its Time”

She gets up and walks down the passage.

He gives her a few minutes and follows down the passage. He finds he lying face down on the bed with only a towl covering her lower half.

He walks to the bed and gets down to his boxers so his clothes will not scratch her. He sits over and slowly pours out the baby oil onto her shoulders and spine.

He Gently runs his fingers over her shoulders, up her neck and down her spine. HE pushers harder into her back for the deep massage. As he Massages her sides his finger gently and softly brushes over the side of her breasts. He can hear her breathing deeper as it happens.

He moves lower now to her feet, Pouring more oil as he runs her feet and ankles. He Slowly moves the towl higher up to her bum line, not reveling anything but a gentle push. Again he uses the oil on the back of her legs. As he moves higher up her legs again he can hear Breathing getting deeper and she starts to move Little. As he gets higher he starts massaging the sides of the legs, brushing over the top and to the other side. He pushes slightly deeper as he runs his hands over her inner thigh above her knees. The Oil is quite slippery and accidentality his hand slips higher than expected and his finger brushes along her pantie line. She gives a little jerk with surprise, but instead of getting up she slightly opens her legs a little wider. He then rubs a little higher accepting the invitation and massages gently along her pantie lines from her hips, around her bum.

She lets out very gently moans as his fingers gently brushes between her legs. He now Consentraits on her inner thighs massaging slightly deeper and pushing his finger a little harder between her legs over her underware.

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