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27 Jun 2013

The first time


8 minute read

Why the first engagement with a stranger always accompanied with that strange feeling on your stomach? I woke up early on the arranged meeting morning with that flutter already present on my stomach, more of excitement than fear. This was not the first time in my life that I have made such an appointment and I was actually looking forward to this one. This girl has made me work for the privilege to meet her and I felt honoured to have pulled it off. I took the normal early shower and ensured that I am thoroughly cleaned from head to toes. I have spent extra time shaving ensuring that when we do meet and my face touches hers, that it would be as smooth as possible. The required aftershave was also important in modesty, not overwhelming to smother her or to make her breathless. I could not wait for the agreed departure time and left about 20 minutes earlier, using an excuse of still having to fill up the car with fuel as well as giving myself enough time to drive the distance to her house avoiding traffic delays. Everything work out well, found her house without problems and I arrived just on time. After parking in front of the house and locking my car, everything seems to be extremely quiet. I pressed the door bell and waited with a bouncing heart for someone to open. She was hopefully also in the same state of mind and was waiting with the same flutter and bouncing heart for me to arrive. I stood there like a schoolboy on his first blind date, what next? She opened the door, unlocks the safety gate and while turning around to walk back into the house, invited me in swiftly and instructed me to lock the security gate behind me, which I did without delay. She never gave me an opportunity to study her face, figure or anything else. I was too busy locking the security gate. After turning back to walk into the house, she was standing there in front of me awaiting me with the biggest smile possible. I stepped forward and greeted her with a kiss on the mouth to also test her reaction. What was her first reaction after seeing me, her kissing me would reveal me being accepted or not. I was still puzzled. This girl was in total control, she is surely, and it was later confirmed, a poker player that can control her feelings and emotions. I thanked her for allowing me to be part of her life and to invite me to join her at her house which I know could be a great risk to her. She told me that if it wasn’t for my dare to her, it would have not have happened at all. Hmmm…. I thought, she is up to challenges as well and today will be full of challenges. She offered to make some coffee and we sat down at her dining room table starting to explore each other verbally, drinking the nice warm coffee. She also lit a cigarette or two which I attribute firstly to help her calming the nerves. Since I am a non-smoker, the coffee helped me calming my own. She got up and with a firm instruction she announced “let’s get started” and walked down the passage expecting me to follow her to the bedroom. I was glad to follow because I myself was interested to get started. I followed her into the bedroom and we immediately started kissing each other, first softly but then with more passion. I was also eager to start working on her breasts with my hands and softly taken her nipples through her dress between my fingers, squeezing them between my thumb and forefinger, waiting for them to show any reaction of ecstasy. They complied instantly. I pulled her head forward to ensure that our lips do not get separated from each other and we continued kissing for a while. I decided this standing up kissing is making my knows go wobbly and it would be best to lie her down on the bed after which I will have full access to her whole body, and the best part is still to be discovered. I quickly removed my clothes not to be impeded and distracted later and again started working on her breasts, this time exposing them naked and ready for my tongue to do it miracles. I started licking her nipples, first in circles and later taking them between my teeth, gentle biting on them to make them even more aroused. They became harder as I carried on en longer until I could properly suck on them. She later told me that this action was too intense for her liking but at that moment I could only hear her soft moaning response showing me approval for what I am doing. I had to remove her black g-string immediately because my main objective and purpose was to get to that soft wet pussy begging me for attention. I did not waist too much time doing that and had her pussy wide open and ready for my tongue after spreading her legs apart. I moved my wet tongue from her breasts down her stomach and belly button to the top of her well shaved pussy. I could immediately sense her pussy’s willingness to have my tongue operating on it. I started licking her clitoris and tasted the soft wet love juices that were buried between those two pussy lips. As I pressed my tongue between the lips she started making louder growling sounds on excitement and joy. I continued for some time working on her pussy with my tongue, sucking, licking and pressing my tongue deeper into per pussy, chewing softly on her pussy lips trying throughout to get her to release more and more love juices and hopefully ultimately building up to a massive orgasm. I knew the next step would be to try and located her G-spot as quickly as possible. My tongue prepared her pussy to be soft, wet and ready for me to enter my finger straight down the avenue of joy. I pressed in slowly, experiencing her bodily reaction and knew immediately this is what this girl was waiting for. I was moving my finger around until I felt the softest of soft spots getting the best shiver out of her body, followed by an even more intense groan of pleasure. Jip, I must have hit the bulls-eye. Just carry on dishing out the pleasures of life. She produced some amazing orgasms on a regular basis and this continued for quite some time. She is definitely not a screamer but her body and soft moaning was enough confirmation that she was experiencing something good and exciting. We continued with this excitement for a long time, changing from one finger to two buried deep into her pussy, she pushing back over my fingers until I can feel the roof of her sex cave, the soft and wetness of her pussy spread over my fingers right into the palm of my hand, begging for more and more, cumming all the time, pushing back as hard and as deep as possible. Meanwhile I was working the inside of her love complex with my fingers in different directions, softly speaking to her instructing her to cum and not to hold back, which she comfortably accepted and executed in style. After a while I needed to get my dick inserted in that pussy. We have continued to long that she has started drying out and a bit of cream was required to soften the impact of my dick entering her pussy. Squirting the cream over her pussy looked like cum being ejected over her, which assisted in getting my dick aroused and ready to fuck her. I slowly slit my head through het slit and parted her pussy lips to accept my member. She assisted through muscle contractions taking my dick deeper into her still wet pussy until my full member was buried inside her. She continued these contractions telling me it is the best massage she can give my dick at that moment. For me it was the first ever massage my cock received while fucking a girl. Wow, what an experience. I started of slowly moving my dick in an out of her pussy, trying not to pull it out completely, picking up the rhythm, doing it faster and faster getting my dick ready for the ultimate explosion. I heard her softly begging me to cum and that was the signal for everything to come to a climax. I felt my brain making a summersault, my eyes lit up and then I released a massive load of joy into her pussy, painting her love box with cum, pressing deeper and harder with my dick until I also felt her cumming again. My heart was pumping with joy and ecstasy, my breath was racing to gasp fresh oxygen into my lungs and trying to distribute this throughout my body as a matter of urgency. And then it was over. The two of us stared into each other’s eyes and I knew I have met my new sex buddy. I bent down and kissed her softly on her lips, relaxing my body on top of her, just waiting and enjoying the moment. I eventually pulled my dick out of her wet pussy after which she wiped the cum of her with a clean towel. We ended up by together having a nice warm shower where I again could touch her soft body being allowed to wash her with soap and water. We went out for lunch still enjoying the moment and I am sure we both have been thinking about our love making over and above any other thoughts that came to mind.©

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