Written by Zest1

24 Jan 2017

We met during the latter part of last year. Going to a local watering hole I was standing at the bar ordering a cold beer to cool me down after a long hot day when she walked up to the barlady and asked for some assistance with a slot machine. Slender and curvacious with long flowing black hair and dressed in a floral off the shoulder dress which showed her olive tanned skin she cut a pretty picture. Being virtually alone in the bar area I asked if I could buy her a drink. My sole motive at that point was that I did not want to drink alone and just the thought that someone in the pub had a drink that I bought was sufficient for me, even if she did not physically have it in my company. Being a bit bored later I wandered off to the gambling section where she sat alone.. Small talk followed and eventually we parted as friends. During the weeks thereafter we frequently met up and had drinks together.

During this time I became fascinated with her voluptuous figure. Full breasts which were rather large compared to her slim slender figure.. long shapely legs around which her dresses flowed and clung. I knew I had to have her! Our encounters were spiced with suggestive comments and light but electrifying touches and lingering good night kisses which left me very aroused, but nothing more happened!!

Last night we met again after not seeing each other over the festive season. I did not notice her entering the pub but was expecting her , since we had made arrangements. She sneaked up behind me and squeezed my ass as she said hi..her breasts pointed and already hard nipples stretching the flimsy material of her cotton dress. As she leaned against me I felt her legs against mine.. Hers were parted so that my leg was between hers and I could feel the warm juncture of her crotch..We hastily dispensed of the obligatory small talk and drinks and made our way to my place.. her hands roaming over my jeans as we drove... her hunger apparent. As we undressed her lips were all over me. I pushed her back onto the bed and my lips found her hot wet warm pussy.. she tasted like honey and judging from her moans she really enjoyed the attention of my lips and tongue... I was as hard as a rock as I entered her, her warmth engulfing me.. Our pent up desire did not take long to push us both over the edge, both of us reaching an explosive orgasm.. we fell asleep in each other's warmth and had another morning session before work.