Written by pi3tSki3t

05 Mar 2015

She walked in the dressing room, feeling her muscles tensing up, she knew he'd be right behind her. She was facing the wall, her back towards the door. She heard it slowly opening yet dare not turn. She heard it closing behind her. She watched him in the mirror as he moved in behind her, butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she knew what was coming...."Was she ready???" she wondered as she felt his arms wrap around her, she could feel his already hard cock pressing against her ass. She became conscious of her lack of panties as she felt herself heating up. She yearned to feel him pull her skirt up, exposing her naked pussy, she yearned to feel him touch her, kiss her, finger her..."FUCK!" She said to herself, why is he taking so long, as his hands slowly slid up her chest, firmly grabbing hold of her firm breasts as he kissed her neck. His breath on her skin drove her wilder, made her yearn for more. He could feel her body starting to tremble, feel her shake against him, she was now putty in his hands and he planned to enjoy every moment of it.

Her hands slid onto his as he kept playing with her breasts, squeezing them, pinching her nipples. It hurt ever so slightly yet every pinch made her even wetter...."I am such a slut..." her mind continued..."And yet I love every moment of it...." She felt his breath moving over to her ear..."Are you ready?" he whispered as his tongue gently touched her ear, he wrapped his lips around her lobe and licked it, sucked it. She moaned loudly...."Touch yourself...." he whispered again. Her hand quickly slid down her body and onto her ass, grabbing hold of her skirt, slowly pulling it upwards. She made sure that the back of her hand ran up his cock as she lifted her skirt. He was torturing her with his games, yet she wanted to play, she wanted to make him yearn for her....

He pulled away slightly and grabbed hold of her hand, forcing it away as he moved in behind her again...."You're such a good girl...." he whispered as he guided her hand to her naked pussy. She needed no second invitation and slightly parted her legs. Her fingers eagerly ran over her clit. He started toying with her nipples even more now. She could feel herself getting more aroused by the minute. He whispered "Slide them inside you my pet..." She was like a puppet on a string, shoving 2 fingers deep inside her. She wanted to scream out in pleasure, she wanted to beg him to fuck her right there and then, but she had to quiet...."This is torture..." she thought as her fingers slid in and out of her....He grabbed hold of her hand, pulling it out of her...."WHHHYYYY?" she wanted to scream. He quickly sucked on her fingers, cleaning them, clearly enjoying her taste. The feeling of his tongue against her fingers drove her closer to the edge....She softly whimpered "Please let me cum!"