Written by warriorcuple

20 Sep 2013

F and his wife were old friends of ours. He taught sociology and human sexuality and sprinkled his lectures with lots of what he purported to be his widely varied personal sexual experiences. He showed pornographic videos to get students to talk about their reactions and their own sexual fantasies and their experience. And every time a conversation turned to sex, he was there with all kinds of stories to tell.

We had moved and hadn't seen F for several months when he called and said he would be in town and would like to meet us for dinner. As it happened, I was leaving for an out-of-town meeting so the responsibility for providing hospitality fell to my wife J.

In the ten days before F was scheduled to visit, I kept teasing my wife about what kind of "hospitality" she planned to provide F. We had frequently shared fantasies about her picking up some guy and getting fucked silly. I'd talk to her about finding a guy who had a really nice thick cock who would stuff her good. Our "pillow talk" always got both of us going and she certainly couldn't deny that the idea of getting a little "strange" turned her on. A couple of times she had made passes at guys, but she must have been too subtle. Anyhow they hadn't picked up on the hints she made. She was getting frustrated and more eager and more eager to demonstrate what a hot little piece of ass she could be.

I teased her that F would probably expect a favor in return for taking her out to dinner--like taking her up to his hotel room and screwing all night. The idea juiced her up even though she wasn't sure anything like that was going to happen. I reminded her that, if any of F's stories were true, I'd be surprised if he didn't make a serious effort to get in her panties.

Of course, I told her that whatever happened depended on whatever she wanted to happen. If she really wanted to screw F, she didn't need my permission. But I did expect her to tell to tell me all the dirty details. ALL of the dirty details. She laughingly agreed. "If I happen to get it on with F, I'll tell you every juicy little detail!" My cock twitched.

A couple of days after I left, F called from his hotel and was a little surprised—pleasantly, I 'm certain--that he was having dinner with J and not with both of us. She arranged to meet him at his hotel lounge for drinks before going out to dinner. He was waiting in the bar when she arrived and they hugged each other. Over drinks they did some catching up on gossip about family and friends.

My wife suggested several nice restaurants within walking distance of the hotel and they sat out on a tour of the resort area. They had another round of drinks with dinner and my wife was enjoying a light buzz. F, as usual, started telling stories about his classes in human sexuality and the research he'd been doing on married couples that have an open relationship. Of course, he had a lot of juicy examples of both husbands and wives who had sexual partners with their spouse's approval. He made it clear that his wife was aware that he had different partners and had no problem with an "open" marriage.

My wife told him about the female intern I had been screwing before we moved and that she had known all about it. From the very beginning, I had told her about the long afternoons I had spent in her apartment fucking myself silly. F asked her how she felt about all that. "As a matter of fact," she told him, "he'd describe all the things they did and listening to his stories turned me on."

F asked if she ever wanted "to even things up". My wife told him, "It isn't a matter of evening things up. If he wants to get a little, he can. And, on the other hand, if I want to get a little, he understands that, too." Now, F's radar was turned on. It quickly became a matter not of "if", but when, where and how.

After dinner, they decided to do a walking tour of the "adult" part of town that was full of porno bookstores, x-rated theaters, and titty bars. The stopped in at a place that advertised "all nude" dancing and watched a very blase, but well built girl strip off all her clothes like she was taking a shower and wiggle her ass around to the music from a juke box. Real class! The one person who seemed most appreciative was a rather large and unattractive woman sitting at the bar. F and my wife speculated that she had to have been the dancer's "girlfriend".

F asked my wife if watching the naked girl swivel her ass around was a "turn-on". Her response was, "Like you guys say: 'I certainly wouldn't kick her out of bed.'" F asked if my wife had ever had any experience with a chick, but my wife dodged again saying, "I certainly wouldn't kick her out of bed."

They wound up in a gay bar with a small dance floor. Another round of drinks and their conversation became even more sexually explicit. It doesn't take much alcohol to overcome whatever reservations my wife has...if she has any, that is. When F asked my wife directly if she fooled around, she told him—bragged--about the time when she had attended a convention and wound up in a hotel room with a guy she'd met in the hotel bar. He'd gone up to his room but she had seen his room number on his key. The guy was surprised when she knocked on his door, smooched a little, went into the bathroom, undressed, came out bare-assed naked, and gave him a big wet sloppy blowjob. The story obviously turned F on.

When she and F went out on the dance floor, my wife could feel his hard on rubbing against her belly. She enjoyed the sensation and, more importantly, she was turned on by the idea that she was making F horny. Rather deliberately, she rubbed back against him. Back in the booth, F was slipped his hand as far up her skirt as he could. As he rubbed her crotch, he asked her what kind of sex she enjoyed most and she told him that there wasn't much she didn't enjoy. She was getting hornier and decided she really wanted to get laid for her own satisfaction and not just so she could brag about it. He suggested that they return to his hotel room for a "little nightcap". They both had ideas about what the "little nightcap" might include.

They were groping each other all the way up the elevator. As soon as they reached his room, F pulled the bedclothes down. My wife was so turned on by the idea of screwing F that she peeled off all her clothes in record time and crawled up on the bed. She was impressed with F's cock. It was, as she told me later, very similar to mine: about 6-7 inches or so in length, but a little bit bigger around with a nice purple crown. They lay naked on the bed fondling and stroking each other and getting even hotter if that were possible. F was fingering her juicy pussy while she stroked his hard on.

F asked what she'd like first. For my wife, there's no question about what she likes and she quickly went down on him. She always fantasizes about impressing some guy with how good she is at sucking cock as she did at the convention. She soon learned where F got his reputation: not only did his cock get nice and hard, it stayed nice and hard and juicy.

She kissed and licked and sucked to her heart's content and then decided to screw a little. He slipped his cock into her sopping pussy and they tried as many different variations and positions as they could think of including a little anal invasion. She had a whole string of orgasms and they worked each other over. When F finally blew off a big load, they rested while my wife told F about the sexual pecadillos in which she had engaged.

It was early in the morning when they decided there wasn't much left for them to try or much energy left to try anything else, so my wife dressed, promising F that they'd get together again the next time he was in town, and headed home. She pulled into the carport, dropped her clothes as she headed for the bedroom, flopped onto bed naked and slept for most of the day.

When I returned a couple of days later, she told me all the down and dirty details of her evening, what a good fuck F was, and how she had managed to keep up with his sexual appetites. I was sure she enjoyed telling me what a hot slut she had been and what a fantastic job she'd done with "hospitality". And she was turned on by the idea that telling me turned me on as much as it did. I could tell that she was very impressed with her overt sexuality and delighted at being perceived by someone other than me as a hot fuck. Even though her pussy was still a bit swollen and tender, we indulged in a long slow fuck for ourselves.


Several weeks later, F called to tell us that he would be in town again and we quickly set up an evening to have dinner with him...and anything else that might come up. I was turned on by the idea of watching my wife play suck and fuck with another guy. My wife was eager to enjoy more of F's thick cock and to let me watch her do all the things she's done with F before. At first, F seemed a little unsure about what I knew and how I felt about their previous encounter.

As we had a drink before dinner, my wife and I talked openly about the little fuck party she and F had shared. She kept commenting on how much she liked F's nice thick cock and how good a fuck he was. Flattery will get you everywhere. I kept commenting on how sexy their evening must have been and complimenting F on how well he had fulfilled all her sensual fantasies.

Sensing that we were cool with the situation, we began to talk about other sexual experiences and fantasies. Of course, F had all kinds of stories about his varying experiences—twosomes, threesomes, and more. When J and I elaborated on our evening with L and how horny I had gotten watching my wife eat pussy, F obviously was impressed.

I wouldn't say we hurried through dinner, but we didn't dawdle over our meal. As soon as we finished, F invited us up to his room for a "night cap".

We got to F's room and poured a round of drinks. After some polite conversation, F stated, "I guess everyone knows what we're here for." So, we all casually undressed just as though we were getting ready to go to bed, folded our clothes and put them on the chairs. My wife was eager to show me what a hot little slut she could be—she always is. The three of us sat around naked, sipping our drinks, and discussing our sexual experiences. We were also giving each other the once over. I was busy checking out F's thick cock and imagining my wife with it stuffed in her mouth. My wife's legs were spread immodestly and it was evident that her hot little pussy was already wet and swollen. It didn't take long for me to develop a pretty good boner and I could see F's cock was responding as well.

F asked who wanted to do what first. My wife immediately wanted to get her mouth on F's cock again. He stretched out on the bed; she crawled up between his legs and started kissing his cock. I lay on the bed next to them stroking my cock while I watched her work her mouth up and down his cock and over and around the bulging head of his hard on. That was the first time I had seen her suck somebody else's cock in her mouth and it was fascinating to watch her lick and suck and stroke and nibble his hard on. As a matter of fact that was the first time I had been that close to an adult male with a hard on and I thought that was fascinating, too. Watching her lips working on him while she pumped his rod and flicked her tongue around the head of his cock and fondled his balls was wildly exciting.

As we all got more and more turned on, I asked my wife how it was. In our pillow talk, she and I had talked about what it was like to suck cock. She'd told me about the guys she had given blowjobs in high school and college, how they were similar and how they were different. I had asked her to describe all the sensations she experienced when she sucked some guy's cock. I had asked her what it felt like and tasted like when a guy popped his rocks. She'd tell me what it would feel like if I were sucking some guy's cock and getting him off while she'd stroke me until I blew off in her hand. She knew I was fascinated by the idea of sucking cock. "It's good! Do you want to try a little?"

"I don't mind if F doesn't." F quickly had no objections. So, my wife crawled up and sat on his face while I took over working on his cock. Taking hold of his wet slippery cock and stroking it was a big turn on. It was more exciting than I had ever imagined and I knew I wanted more of it. I licked around and around the head. It was much as I had anticipated: smooth as silk. I traced around the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue. I took as much of him in my mouth as I could get. I fondled his balls while I sucked and slurped and slobbered over his cock.

My wife was rubbing her pussy all over F's face and getting hotter and hotter. I felt F tense and get a little harder and I thought he was going to pop in my mouth. I took as deep into my mouth as I could but he held off. He was responding to my wife's orgasm as she got off on his face. She rolled over and paused to catch her breath and we talked about other things we'd like to do.

F always had a variation that he wanted to try and, since they had indulged in a little anal sex last time, he asked if she'd like to try taking both of us at the same time—e.g. double penetration. I didn't doubt that my wife would try it if only to demonstrate what a hot slut she could be. She and I had tried a little anal sex before and she'd had F in her ass, too. I was skeptical that she could take both of us.

F juiced up his cock and her tender little asshole and slowly slipped all the way in. My wife wiggled her ass all over him and humped up and down. Then I approached her from the front and slowly slipped my cock into her pussy. All the way in I could feel F's cock stuffed up her ass. When I was buried in her pussy, F and I started slowly humping together. We tried stuffing in at the same time and we tried penetrating alternately. My wife wiggled and squirmed and huffed and puffed. We were all too drained to mount an orgasm and our double pen sort of fell apart. We lay on the bed laughing, impressed by what we had been able to do.

After cleaning up, F gave my wife a big lusty fuck, I went in for "sloppy seconds", we cleaned up and dressed, and headed home. All the way home, she kept talking about what a good fuck F was and how good it felt to be able to keep up with him and his "little perversities". It was a rather self-congratulatory. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to be as much of a slut as she wanted. As soon as we got home, we stripped, jumped in bed, and got each off again.


We were even more relaxed the third time F came to visit. During dinner, we talked about the things we'd done together and separately. My wife told F all about her afternoon "office hours" when S would drop by for a little blowjob. F, of course, had all kinds of stories to tell about his sexual escapades and soon we were all amusing each other by telling what we'd done and what we'd like to do.

As soon as we finished dinner, we headed for F's hotel room, stripped, and casually sat around having a drink. We were quite relaxed with each other and our sexuality, walking around the room naked and "shaking our booty" at each other. We also discussed what we'd like to do and, since the lady always gets her way, my wife got to choose. She wanted to do a double blowjob, both of us at the same time.

F and I got close enough together that we could rub our cocks against each other and my wife got down on her knees and started kissing and licking and taking one in her mouth and then the other. It didn't take much of that before I began popping off and my wife started stroking F's cock with all the juice. It didn't take much of that before he popped an even bigger load.

We cleaned up a bit, relaxed and had another drink while we figured out what to do next. Since F was already hard, I got to watch him fuck my wife while I slowly stroked my hard on. It was fairly late by then and we headed home where I got another round in with my wife before we dropped off to sleep