Written by Plugged

23 May 2013

I am sitting in the local coffee shop when two young ladies walk in arm in arm, laughing with a skip in their step. The one is a slim young blond with shoulder length hair wearing a short mini skirt and the other a young African girl with a dark complexion and long braids in her hair and a tight fitting top showing off her beautiful deep, firm cleavage beautifully. The African girl glides like a princess in black velvet with the most amazing firm well built muscular legs clothed in black tights. The front of her muscular thighs curve seductively in towards a beautiful flat lower stomach and the well rounded mound of Venus framed to perfection by her tights. As I watch with great interest the ebony princess looks at me and continues holding my gaze as her beautiful full glossed lips draw into a broad smile revealing super-white teeth that create an amazing contrast with her dark complexion.

They take a seat at a table across the entrance from my table and both of them sit facing me. My attention is totally focused on their table as I watch the blond girl rummaging in her bag before leaning over to place it on a vacant chair. In the process her mini skirt rides up and her legs spread apart revealing sheer white nylon knickers stretched into a well formed camel-toe over her pussy. The ebony princess takes off her jumper revealing beautiful, firm, full rounded boobs with the erect nipples straining against the fabric of her top. She is smiling at me as she smoothes down her top rubbing her hands slowly over her erect nipples. The blond girl then leans over and passes her fingers slowly over the erect left nipple of the ebony princess causing her to shiver and grab the blond girl’s hand. They see that I am watching and both start giggling again. I am totally lost in this beautiful seductive spectacle playing off in front of me.

They place their order and the blond whispers something to the ebony princess before leaving the table. I grab the opportunity to fill my coffee cup at the station behind their table and take the opportunity to greet the stunning ebony princess along the way. She introduces herself as Thandi and says that they are having a quick coffee before catching the train across the city. I offer them a lift and as I take out my calling card, the blond girl returns. She is giggling so much that I have difficulty catching her name – Cindy.

I return to my table with my coffee and I see Cindy handing something to Thandi which makes her open her eyes and mouth very wide in surprise. They then continue giggling and I am not sure whether they are laughing at me or not. Thandi then holds up her hand and slowly reveals a pair of white knickers which she holds up to her nose and takes a deep breath. She flashes me her amazing smile again and then purposefully moves her hand down under the table towards Cindy’s miniskirt. I watch intently as Thandi lifts the miniskirt to reveal a naked shaved pussy! I gag on a mouthful of coffee as I watch Thandi’s beautiful black finger gently tracing the outline of Cindy’s very shiny and wet pussy lips.

The waiter arrives at their table and blocks my view – stupid fool! A text message arrives on my phone and it is Thandi accepting my offer of a lift. The waiter has now moved off and I give them a thumbs-up signal before calling for my bill. We walk out to my minibus and the girls get in the back. The mini bus windows have a dark tint so nobody can see what is happening inside. As I drive out of the parking area Thandi moves close to my ear and whispers “You don’t mind do you?” I am only aware of her sweet fragrance and warm breath next to my ear and I turn my head to whisper in her ear, “Go right ahead” but I have absolutely no idea what she is talking about. As I drive off I adjust the rear view mirror so that I can see what is going on in the back of my bus.

I see Cindy perched with her butt on the edge of the seat with her legs spread wide apart and Thandi is on her knees with her face buried in Cindy’s wet, shaved pussy. I pull over gently so as not to disturb the show happening behind me and I turn around to watch as Thandi sucks and nibbles at Cindy’s clit before slowly moving her tongue down the length of the shiny and swollen labia to Cindy’s ring which she licks in circular motions. It causes Cindy to arch her back and let out a moan. She grabs Thandi’s head and pushes her face into her pussy and Thandi willingly sinks her tongue into the now dripping pussy to lick out the fanny juice that is spreading all over Thandi’s dark face. Thandi rubs her face, nose and cheeks on Candy’s shiny pussy before sinking her tongue back in between the swollen lips causing Cindy’s legs to start trembling as she climaxes with a scream.

Thandi’s beautiful sexy black butt is pointed invitingly up in the air and her crack is showing as the tights have pulled down with her bending over. I jump over the front seats to join the party and gently stroke Thandi’s butt through the tights and start planting kisses on her lower back and at the start of her crack. I then move my hand down her crack to feel her generous pussy between her firm thighs which I cup with my hand. I scratch her pussy gently through the tights and Thandi hollows her back and thrusts her sexy butt higher in the air. I move the tights and her knickers down over her generous firm butt while I plant kisses on her smooth butt cheeks and up her back. I start licking and kissing her crack as I continue to slide the tights down over her silky firm thighs. Thandi raises herself off her knees to allow me to remove the tights as she sends Cindy into another bucking orgasm.

I quickly roll onto my back and crawl between Thandi’s firm silky black thighs with my face positioned below her glorious full lipped vagina. Her beautiful black pussy lips are swollen and aroused and are opening slightly to reveal her bright pink pussy inside leading to the front where there is the perfect “Y” opening to reveal her prominent clitoris. The outer labia roll back slightly to reveal a few curly dark hairs between the outer and inner labia that escaped the razor during the last shave. I am overcome by the most amazing fragrance from her pussy and as I look in awe at this beautiful sight, a drop of vaginal nectar forms on the few shiny hairs around her now very prominent clitoris. I hurriedly raise my head to catch the drop on my tongue as I breathe in deeply savouring this amazing fragrance. I have NEVER smelt and experienced anything quite as exquisite as this. I open my mouth wide and place it over her pussy and clitoris taking it all into my mouth. I start to flick her clitoris with the tip of my tongue and I can feel the few curly hairs tickling the inside of my mouth as Thandi starts to grind her pussy into my mouth. I move my tongue down between the silky black labia very slowly and Thandi starts twitching. I move back up to the clit and nibble at it before retracing the way across the sensitive black lips to the opening of her pussy where I slide my tongue into her black pussy as far as it can go. Thandi grips my head between her thighs and then spreads her knees wider so that her pussy is pushing down on my face.

I move my tongue rhythmically from the clitoris down between her wet shiny pussy lips and back up again to nibble at her clit. She shudders and I feel her fragrant juices running down over my cheeks. I move down further and find her anus. I slowly lick all around the edge before curling up my tongue and pushing it slowly into her butt. Her sphincter muscle instinctively tightens on my tongue but then quickly relaxes as she responds to the heat of my tongue and the warm wet saliva that I am spreading over her ring. One wave of pleasure after another courses through her body while I lick her butt and return my tongue to her beautiful, swollen black labia and push my tongue into her sweet tasting vagina. I take her clit between my finger tips squeezing it rhythmically while I bury my nose in between Thandi’s swollen pussy lips. All the while my tongue is working like a piston between her ring and her pussy. I feel Thandi’s thighs tighten around my head like a vice and I sink my tongue into her pussy working it around in circular movements till she orgasms with a guttural scream and squirts all over my forehead.

I push her sexy butt and trembling thighs upwards so that I can breathe again and continue to lick up the sweet nectar gushing out of Thandi’s fragrant quivering vagina. I am in absolute heaven as I lie on my back with that sweet black pussy on my face not wanting this amazing moment to end. Thandi gets up slowly and I see Cindy sitting with her chin resting in her cupped hands watching us. Cindy reaches out and strokes Thandi’s sexy butt cheek and says that she has never seen an orgasm quite as intense as that. Thandi turns around and kisses her own juices off my face breathlessly saying “Thank you, Thank you!”

We dress slowly and I get back into the front seat and carry on driving to drop them at their destination. Before they leave, Thandi leans over from behind me and kisses me on the cheek while agreeing to another meeting very soon. Cindy also leans over to kiss my cheek and exclaims; “Oh My God! You smell so fucking good!” “Yes”, I agree “It’s all Thandi’s beautiful juices on my face”. “That is exactly why you smell like heaven” Cindy responds with a wicked smile. We promise to arrange another meeting very soon and I drive home with a satisfied smile on my face and the erotic picture of swollen dark labia with a few stray shiny curly hairs etched into my memory. I feel totally satisfied and can’t wait to start arranging the next meeting, but this time at a more exotic location with lots of champagne that I can drink straight out between those beautiful sets of black labia.