Written by Curvesahead_Mr

20 Jul 2016

As the plane slows to a stop. This is it...he thinks to himself. Nervousness sneaks in but the yearning to finally meet her has been all consuming She is all he has been able to think about for the the last two months since he noticed her, daily messages coupled with deep conversations about life, about anything, about everything. Unknowingly unwittingly revealing and exposing little by little more and more of themselves their inner most thoughts, wants and desires. He knew he was in trouble when this Goddess so simply disarmed him wall by wall with all the time in the world, she slowed the full-speed train that is his life slowing it to a crawl. As if bound by no obligations, barred by no human limitations. They somehow had managed to create a space to speak without regret or fear of consequence. To talk for hours about what's really important in life.

But now, right here right now...was the moment of truth, insecurities begin their beastly efforts to swindle this moment. He breathes in and sends a message from his phone - this lifeline to her for the last few months. She responds his heart racing gathering his thoughts he musters all of his courage. As he rounds the corner he sees her a vision beyond all his expectation his mental reasoning about avoiding her, but somehow he knew she was a collision worth having. She smiles, he is suddenly caught in a fleeting moment of awkwardness mesmerised by her captivating blue eyes they hug hello the first form of physical touch since they began to engage. She hands him a coffee thoughtfully bought and still warm just the way he likes it.

The conversation is easy, effortless as they drive towards their destination. His eyes taking in her beauty, her smile, captivated by the most perfect pair of lips he has ever seen, the car slows to a crawl a traffic jam brings them to a stop. Now! his mind screams trying to maintain his composure but the words cannot be contained the desire is far too intense. He looks at her, her words dull and fall deafly on his ears as he reaches and places his hand behind her elegant neck the words escape his lips "I cannot take this anymore, I have to kiss you"

Their lips touch the intensity is like a jolt of electricity yet so soft so intimate so honest. Stunned by what just happened they are both left speechless.

He takes the keys from the manageress. Finally alone, his heart pounding, his mind racing, this Goddess in her dress and scarf is alone with him in the blue room. As if their bodies have been magnetized they are drawn to each other, in his fantasies he pictured the ripping of clothes in this moment, but a sudden calmness transcends a sensuality he has never experienced before consumes them and fills the blue room. As he undresses her revealing her loveliness in her hills and valleys. The beauty he unwraps in the plains of her is intoxicating yet liberating this Goddess commands his desire to worship at her alter.

He has no idea nor recollection of how and when they got onto the bed. His hands cannot explore enough of her curves, his lips cannot get enough of her soft sensual mouth. His skin as if suddenly transformed into a one giant nerve ending senses each and every touch as their naked bodies intertwine. Her breasts intoxicatingly teasing him his warm hands explore their soft and full round beauty as he watches her face betray her. His hands trace her feminine lines her waist and hips so gloriously seductive, her skin so soft as his hand finds its way over her buttocks gently squeezing, pulling, parting her warm smooth lips from behind he feels her arousal as her wetness prepares her body for him. His hand finds its way between her legs as he does she slowly begins to spread her thighs. He parts her lips with ease and feels her nectar as his finger slides up and down circling her clit and then sliding ever so gently inside her warm wet entrance. Her scent driving him to new heights of desire for her calling to him building a craving to work his way down and taste her, pleasure her.

He whispers in her ear "are you still ok with this?" They stop and stare into each other's eyes not a word is exchanged but over the past few months they have learned to speak 'US' and he understands that permission has been granted. He enters her slowly inching his way inside her, wrestling with his body screaming to plunge into her hard and his carnal mind not to devour her but rather savor each and every millisecond of this moment. Her long elegant fingers find their mark her touch seems to make him harder and harder as she wraps her fingers around him as she guides him to where she needs him to be. Her warmth surrounds him never has he felt this hard never has he felt this pleasure as she takes him in inch by inch until his head is completely enveloped by her soft but firm grip. Every area is heightened it's as if she was formed pervfectly for him. He kissed her as though he were starved for her like he had finally broken free. No one had ever made him feel so sensual so erotic so pure. Finally she takes him all in, their eyes locked throughout as if their minds are suddenly connected and communicating via their bodies, each and every stroke is heaven he feels her softness her wetness she arches her back thrusting toward him as if trying to get him even deeper as they both work their way towards orgasm. Exhausted they collapse and for the first time hear the soft rain falling outside as it lulls them into a intimate naked sleep this Goddess he thinks to himself when I first met her, I honestly did not know she was going to be this important to me...

Startled awake in the early hours of the morning he rolls over and feels the cold bed it's 5am and time to get to work as he switches off the alarm, perhaps tonight he will meet his Goddess in his dreams once again and continue where they left off.