Written by Tonguemansa

27 Jun 2013

As I walk down the boarding steps of the plane I cannot believe it - I'm finally going to meet you – the object of my desires and fantasies for the past few months.

Walking into the arrivals hall I realise I this is the moment have been waiting for for months. And then there you are – beautiful, sexy, sensual and ravishing – even more that I could have dreamt. You is standing before me wearing a figure-hugging black top, a long skirt and boots. Your hair is stunning and your smile and the twinkle in your eyes make you delectable.

Standing before me I am at a loss for words. You demurely stick out your hand to greet me. Then as we laugh, we embrace and hug.

"Welcome to my nest," you say like a spider to a fly.

"Why thank you. It is wonderful to meet you finally!" I reply.

"The feeling is mutual. Now come," you say with a giggle "Lets get your bag and get going. I have a lot planned for today!"

"This is all I have (pointing to my sports bag) so let's go!" I reply as I take your hand and we head for the door.

Once in the car we drive out of the airport and head for the place you have found for our secret rendezvous. As you drive I am able to stare in wonder at you. You are more beautiful and sexy in person. I reach out and gently stroke your hair, stroke your neck and your cheek. As my hand brushes your cheek you turn your mouth towards my hand and kiss it then suddenly take my finger into your mouth and begin to suck on it. At the same time you take your hand of the gear lever and place it on my leg and begin stroking it. I lean forward and kiss you gently on your neck and suck softly and sensuously on your earlobe while my hand reaches up and cups your breast through your blouse and rub the nipple with the palm of my hand. A soft whimper escapes your lips and a tingle runs down your back and your nipples harden instantly and your pussy begins that now very familiar pulsating. As I continue to kiss you softly, your hand finds the bulge in my jeans and you begin to rub and squeeze my throbbing cock through my jeans.

I break the moment by stopping my soft butterfly kisses on your neck and whisper softly in your ear "Where are we going and is going to take us long to get there?"

You give my cock one last squeeze and reply in a very husky voice that betrays just how turned on you are "We are almost there - just another few minutes and we'll be there and all I have planned for us will be revealed. So patience, all good things come to those who wait!"

"Yes I know but don't you think we've both waited long enough?" I laugh.

You just laugh with me and suddenly turn off the road we've been on and turn up a winding driveway, which leads us to the top of the hill. Then we are there. A beautiful cottage set amongst large trees and bushes but with an amazing view of the ocean that sparkles and glistens azure blue in the winter sun.

"I found this little love nest advertised on the Internet and rented it for the day. It is safe and secluded and we will not be disturbed! I really hope that you will enjoy it and remember how special it and this day is to us!" you say as you stop the car.

"Oh yes babe, it is very special and stunningly romantic. I am so glad you found it, although, even if we had just met in a public place for coffee, the moment and the day and the meeting will have been forever etched into my memory and heart!" I reply and lean in towards you to kiss you passionately.

Finally after long minutes of feeling and tasting your wonderful lips and tongue, we break off our kiss, get out of the car and head into the cottage. Once inside I realise that it is even more romantic inside than outside, The room is dark with the curtains drawn and the room is only lit by a large fire that makes you look even more sexy in the fire light and your hair shimmers and sparkles.

We stand holding hands drinking in the sight before us. Then, as our love and passion and lust is re-ignited by the romantic scene, we turn and begin to kiss again but this time with much more urgency and purpose.

As we kiss our hands explore every inch of each other's bodies. Your hands move to my shirt and unbutton it. Then when it is completely loose, and I have shrugged it off, your hands begin to undo my belt and pull my zip down to free my hard, throbbing dick. As you do this I try to get your top off but you push my hands away.

"No babe, let me do this my way ok? I want to take the lead first. Your turn will come!"

With that you grab my cock and lean forward to suck on my nipple. The still holding on to my cock you lead me to the rug before the fire. With my pants around my ankles I shuffle after you and you laugh when you see my predicament. You push me down onto the rug, and then remove my shoes, sock and pants for me. I am now completely naked and you fully clothed.

You bend down over me and kiss me softly on the lips. "Now you just lay there and do nothing ok?"

"Yes ma'am!"

You stand again and begin to undress for me as I watch. First you remove your top. You are wearing a sexy black lacy bra but your breasts are round and big and perfect with hard nipples that I can see clearly. I give a groan of delight and my cock twitches. Then you remove your skirt revealing black suspenders and stockings but no panty and the knee high black boots that were barely visible under your skirt. The sight before me is seductive and sensuous and the most incredible I've seen. The purity of your sexiness makes my cock throb even harder and a drop of pre-cum oozes from the eye. Then you quickly remove your bra revealing those wonderful boobs and the sight almost makes me cum. One by one you put one foot after each other on the table next to the couch and seductively remove your boots. Then, you turn away from me and bend over to slowly remove your stockings and at the same time giving me a stunning view of your bum and yummy pussy!

Then, when you have removed as much clothing as you are going to, you come down and lay beside me. You stroke my cheek and lean in and we kiss. At the same time your hand reaches down and play with my cock, rubbing the pre-cum over the head making it glisten in the flickering light of the fire. Then you move yourself so that you are straddling me and your nipples brush my chest. You begin to move down slowly towards my dick, dragging your nipples teasingly down my chest, my belly and thighs.

And then you are there. I know what is coming.

"This is one of the things I've been dreaming about. Now I'm going to suck this hard cock of yours until you cum and squirt all your lovely juices down my throat and over my face and on my tits" you whisper to me. "And don't even THINK about trying to stop me! This is for me as much as for you!"

"Oh I won't, I won't", I reply. "I won't stop you because I know when you are done, it is my turn to do whatever I want to you and that yummy we pussy of yours!"

"Ok deal. But now no more talk" you order.

With that you lean down and lick my cock from base to tip in one long broad stroke of your tongue while playing with my balls and gripping the shaft tightly, making the blood swell the purple head of my cock even more. You stick the tip of your tongue into the eye to lick the pre-cum out while pumping up and down on the shaft. With your other hand, you play with my balls and tease my arsehole with your little finger!

Then without warning, you suddenly take my entire prick deep into your hot, wet mouth and begin to suck it hard and deep and fast. While doing this you have maneuvered your pussy so that as you suck my cock, you rub your clit with my big toe and almost use my toes to fuck your tingling pussy.

The sensation of your wet pussy on my foot and your hot mouth on my cock soon has me groaning with pleasure and thrusting forward to try get more of it into your mouth. This is the best blowjob I have ever had and the fact that it is being given by you very soon has me approaching my first orgasm of the day.

You realise what is happening when you feel my legs tense and the head of my cock begin to swell even more than you thought was possible. You move so that you can watch my dick and continue to suck and lick and masturbate me. Then when you feel the pulsing of my orgasm begin, you squeeze my cock so that the cum is prevented from spurting out. You lean in and as your mouth hovers over the head, you release the hold you had on it and the cum spurts into your mouth, down your chin and over your tits. You lick and suck up every drop you can as I moan with pleasure. As you taste me and feel my orgasm, you have continued rubbing your pussy against my foot. Then suddenly you scream out as you too begin to orgasm, wetting my foot and your pussy even more.

As our mutual orgasms subside, you move up to me and begin to kiss me. Your face and mouth are covered in my cum and I tastes a little strange to me as we kiss. But I love you too much to even think about it because I know how much you are enjoying it. You have moved up to lay beside me as we continue kissing and I can feel the wonderful warmth and softness of your breasts against my chest.

"Did you enjoy that as much as I did," you ask as you snuggle up close to me.

"Oh yes babe. That was truly the most amazing thing I have ever felt. Now just give me a few minutes to catch my breath, and I hope to let you experience the same wonder and heights of pleasure which you have just given me!"