Written by Ordinary_Sexual

12 Nov 2017

Toe- & finger nails candy apple red, lips red, high open toe heels, short red lingerie hidden underneath my black low-ish cleavage dress, I am welcomed by the party goers & organisers. We are a few single ladies amongst many couples. 44 people in total.

It's my 1st time as a single at a party (I'm not new to the lifestyle parties as a couple, but as a single yes)

The ladies dressed up in their corsets and black stockings. The younger men mostly shirtless.

After a few shooters & drinks I'm more relaxed & go take off my dress & come back in my red see through lingerie and high heels. The single gent's face says it all.

I am mostly in the company of a couple & their single male friend. I'm introduced to 2 other younger couples and single lady.

As the night progresses the drinking games start...my card says "put cream on a woman's pussy or a guy's dick & lick it off" with that we go to a room and the 2 men lie on the bed. I suck the husband while the wife sucks the single gent. & then we swop. During this people come in to show others the sex machine or go to bathroom...but this is my thrill..I keep sucking, loving how people watch. I don't make him Cum however and we go back out.

Women are taking out each others' breasts and sucking on each other. Two women kiss me and I suck cream off their breasts.

I'm loving the attention...the single gent often kisses me through the night and gropes me. Another couple's husband kisses me & sandwiches me between them. Their hands exploring my curves, their lips kissing my neck and breasts in front of everyone.

We go back to the room to watch a lady enjoy the sex machine.

Other couples have decided they need relief and we watch for a few minutes as 2 men finger fuck a lady.

The whole night I'm groped and stroked and kissed and held...I rub my exposed bum on who ever is behind me & kiss whoever is in front of me.

I am so wet but I don't play or have sex. But enjoy the compliments and the multiple hands and tongues I receive.

The wife is sandwiched between the single gent and me, with another husband behind me. I suck her nipples, but the look I get from the single gent behind her....drives me almost over the edge. He holds my eyes, never blinks....I can read his mind just in that look...I think everyone would be able to.

I left the party after midnight..this morning waking up with pent up frustration that I relieve a FEW times.