Written by Tonguemansa

31 May 2013

Although she is a natural red-head with a pale alabaster skin, she loves laying in the nude outside - especially now with the last rays of the summer sun. When I arrive at her home I find her like that on the lounger by the pool - and what an erotic sight it is. She is obviously asleep with her one arm by her side and the other across her tummy. Her perfect round tits topped with cerise pink nipples thrust majestically upwards. Her legs are slightly parted revealing the soft pink labia of her smoothly shaved pussy. As I move quietly closer I notice a fine layer of perspiration in her upper lip, the underside of her tits and around her clit I notice even more sweat beading - it sends shivers down my spine causing an immediate erection and I cannot wait to lean in an suck on that stunning clit!

After watching her for a few minutes and realising she is asleep, I go back to my car to fetch some aids. Then I return to where she is by the poolside very quietly. Fortunately she hasn't woken and I notice both her arms are by her sides. I take four sets of fluffy pink handcuffs from my bag and attach one side to the pool lounger - one at each wrist and ankle. Then, very very gently and softly I attach them to her wrists and ankles - taking my time in between to ensure she doesn't wake up. Then when she is securely tied up, I take a out a long black silk scarf and drape it over her sunglasses covering her eyes. Once again I carefully thread it through the slats of the lounger and knot it securely underneath. Now she is securely bound to the lounger in all her naked glory and i can begin to have some fun with her perky pink nipples, soon to be throbbing clit and hot wet pussy!

From the table next to the pool lounger I take the coconut oil she has been using to rub on her sexy naked body and pour a little amount of the oil onto her mons and labia. Luckily the oil has been warmed by the sun so she does not wake as I pour it on. Then from my bag I take a vibrator with a clit stimulator. I turn it on ans softly and gently rub it over her pussy lips coating the tip liberally in the coconut oil. The gentle hum and vibration doesn't wake her yet but her legs spread involuntarily thereby making the lips of her smoothly shaved cunt part slightly and she lets put a little moan of pleasure. I slide the vibrator down from where it has been rubbing against her clit and slip the tip of the rubber cock between her pussy lips that have now started to swell with desire and open like the petals of a rose. Slowly so as not to wake her, I slide the rubber prick gently into her now wet pussy until it is all the way in. Once all eight inches are in her cunt, I turn the speed and rotation knobs to maximum and start to move the vibrator slowly in and out. The intensity of the vibrator in her pussy finally wakes her and she lets out a yell of alarm when she realises she cannot see or move. But very soon the amazing feeling of the vibrator going in and out of her pussy makes her forget her horror and give herself over to the pleasure. I move the vibrator in and out faster and faster while at the same time alternating rubbing the hard nub of her swollen clit or rolling her erect nipples between my thumb and fore-finger. As I sense her approaching orgasm, she moans out loud and raises her bum off the lounger to thrust forward against me fucking her with the vibrator. Then suddenly she tenses and screams out as she begins to cum. I fuck her harder and faster as orgasm after orgasm washes over her cunt. When her screams and moans of pleasure die down to a whimper, I withdraw the vibrator from her pulsating pussy. Then to get some pleasure for myself, I lean in, suck and nibble on her clit and then proceed to lick her pussy clean of all her wonderful cum juices!

When she stops shaking from her orgasms I decide it is time for me to start having fun. I remove all my clothes finally revealing my throbbing cock from the confines of my jeans. As I stand there with my hard-on stick out I delight in the naked vision on the lounger in front of me and involuntarily begin to masturbate. I'm pulled back to reality suddenly when she tries to move and asks me if that is it or if I'm going to fuck her anytime soon! Here voice is pleading but I realise I have to keep her quiet so I move to her. I stand close to her face, turn her head towards me and proceed to rub pre-cum over her ruby red lips. As she feels the softness of the bulbous head of my manhood, she moans slightly, parts her lips and her tongue pokes out to lick all around the head. As her lips part I slide my cock between them and she begins to suck and nibble it hungrily as I thrust in and out of her hot wet mouth. As I slowly fuck her mouth I caress her tits and pinch her hard nipples, run my fingers down the softness of her stomach until I can reach her throbbing clit. I slide a finger in, then another and another and very soon I'm finger fucking and mouth fucking her. I feel her cunt muscles begin to tighten around my fingers and realise she is about to cum again. My own orgasm is close and since I have so much more I want to do to her, I pull my cock out of her mouth before I shoot my load of hot wet sticky cum down her throat. The free from her mouth I continue finger fucking her as I kneel down and take a nipple in my mouth and suck and bite it. The sudden pleasure and pain on her nipple coupled to my fingers still deep in her cunt, push her over the edge as she begins to convulse in orgasm yet again. Very soon I feel the muscles of her pussy tighten and then the wetness increase as she cums in spurts. When she stops I take my fingers out and again lick her sweet juices from them.

I stand again and decide it is time to feel the hot wetness of her smooth cunt. So without giving her to fully recover from her last series of orgasms, I put my one leg over the pool lounger so that I am standing astride it. I take my throbbing cock in my hand, bend my knees and begin to rub the hard sensitive bud of her clit with the swollen bulbous head of my cock. The smoothness of my cockhead on her clit soon has her thrusting her hips up to increase the pressure of me rubbing her clit. She moans and begs me to put my cock deep into her pussy and to please fuck her hard. I stop rubbing her clit and push down on the shaft of my penis so that the head moves down and parts the lips of her pussy. She opens her legs slightly and thrusts upwards so as to try get my cock to enter her cunt. The first couple of times I pull my cock back at the same time as her upward thrust to frustrate her. She begs and pleads with me to fuck her. Then when she thrusts upward again I thrust forward and bury my cock to the hilt in her hot wet pulsating pussy. She mewls with pleasure as I fuck her hard and fast until I feel her cunt muscles begin to tighten and grip my cock in a lover's embrace as she shouts out with delight as she cums yet again. Fortunately I am able to withdraw quickly before I too cum but I know I am very close to my end and that the next time I feel her pussy tighten around my cock it will be all over.

In preparation for the final fuck, I first undo the handcuffs restraining her ankles. Then I take a butt plug from my bag, lubricate it liberally with her sticky slick cum juices and then shove it quickly into her asshole. Once I'm sure it is safely in, I spread her legs, kneel between them, lift them high so that they rest on my shoulders. Then I put the head of my cock between her pussy lips and slide my thick throbbing cock slowly and gently all the way into her cunt. Before I begin to fuck her, I lean forward to remove the blindfold and dark glasses from her eyes so that she can look at me when I cum. When her eyed have adjusted to the light, she realises it is me and she smiles relieved. I stay leaning forward and take her nipples between my thumb and forefingers and roll and pinch them as I begin to fuck her by thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy. She closes her eyes but I order her to look at me. She complies readily. I fuck her harder and faster and soon reach the point of no return. As my cock stiffens and thickens as my orgasm begins, I stop thrusting but stay buried deep inside her hot pussy. Then suddenly I cry out as I begin to shoot my load of hot sticky cum deep into her cunt. In all this her eyes have never left mine and as she sees the pleasure and delight in my eyes as I cum, her pussy muscles tighten around my cock as she too begins her final orgasm also.

When we have recovered somewhat, I withdraw my now limp cock and stand up. I undo the handcuffs from her wrists and pull her to her feet, take her by the hand and we both jump into the cool water of the pool. When we surface we embrace and kiss lovingly but passionately. Then we jump out dry off and snuggle up to recover from our exertions.