Written by Susan Dolly

25 Nov 2012

We drove up to Swellendam and dashed for a quite area close to the mountains overlooking the little Colonial town.

It was a sweltering August afternoon, and the picnic basket swelled with exotic, sensual fruit... erotic bites to savour. The drive in the country had left us tasting the morsels in the middle of an old abandoned farm. I pulled your silk scarf off you and blindfolded you with it.

I surprised you as I began a sexy game of feeding you. The effect of tasting the unknown was exotic and sexy, and we both giggled with sheer delight at every bite. I took the time to pack a variety of treats to tease you with, and the thrill was intensified because you didn't know what you would experience next -- the sweet anticipation made you hot with excitement...a juicy strawberry? A salty olive? A tart kiwi? A bit of chocolate? A taste of wine? You didn't know what might roll across your cheek, up your neck, across your lips and into your mouth.

"I packed something special for you," I whispered. You felt the cold of ice on your neck, "Mmmmmm, ice," you whispered. "No, not ice..." I replied, correcting you. "It's a popsicle."

As you licked the sticky sweet juice of the melting popsicle from your neck with a soft hot stroke of my warm tongue up to your ear, flicking it inside your ear just a bit, I whispered seductively, "It tastes so good, you taste so good." "Would you like some?" I teased, giggling, as I circled icy sweet juice across your lips. "Mmmmmm," You said, wanting more, as I slipped it deep into your mouth, but then pulled it out quickly. And in your blindness your mouth reached for it, begged for it, tried to get another taste, but it was gone. Before you could get enough, you felt it trail down your neck to the crest of your deep cleavage, then I licked the sweet droplets from your skin.

You wanted to feel the icy treat across your hard nipples; You wanted to feel my soft hot tongue lick the drops of juice as they hung from your hard nipples. Blindfolded, you didn't notice when I pulled back and approached your knee. You jumped a bit as I trailed up the inside of your thigh, then licked off the sticky sweetness from the back of your knee to the top of your thigh. I lifted your skirt and pulled your tong aside, exposing your aching hot wet juicy pussy, then you felt the cold run across your clit as my hot tongue followed. I licked you clean as you couldn't hold back the moans that escaped. You were throbbing and aching; You wanted me inside you.

"You want me, you want me inside you..." you moaned.

Then you felt the cold enter your pussy, as I softly pushed the popsicle inside of you just once. You felt ready to come just as the thunder started. I licked the juices come from your throbbing pussy and you felt raindrops as big as dimes landing on you. You fell back to the ground with total satisfaction, and I pulled your blindfold off and you said, "That was the best damn popsicle you ever had!"