Written by Vorstmandaleen

06 Jun 2018

Mmmm wake up this morning with a smile on my lips and feeling butterflies on my tummy cause to day is the day Im going to meet him face to face first time since we started chatting on this chat line. Wondr how he looks like cause he did not want to send me a pix but he phone me so I think about his voice makes my knees jelly when he talk mm can't wait.

I decided to put a short skirt on with nice top and show some nice cleavage I have nice big boobs and then a small little white satin hot panties look sexy girl.

So the time arrived for him to meet me when I saw him I was thinking. Sjoe awsm Im sure he can have good long sex nawty fun naked and play full. So we had something to drink talk a little and then we look at each other and just with body talk say let's go home get naked and fuck all nite so we did that went to his place got there and did he surprise me sjoe what a good awsm fuck it was and its still the best fuck he made me cum so much I didn't know I can do it.