Written by Tonguemansa

17 Jun 2013

In the hotel room there is a huge four-poster bed with thick red velvet covers that echo the curtains that when closed, blot out all sunlight. There is an open plan bathroom with a huge Jacuzzi bath and an enormous glass enclosed shower with a seat. In the Corner of the room there is a chaise lounge and against the wall above the desk is a huge flat screen TV.

I have arrived before you and prepared the room. I have tied silk scarves to each of the bedposts. I have lit many candle and placed them all over the room. On the bedside table is a blindfold, some feathers, an ice bucket with a bottle of great wine chilling, a nice vibrator, a soft leather strap and a bottle of aromatic massage oil. At the foot of the bed on a tripod, I have set up a video camera that is connected to the TV – fear not….this will be purely for your enjoyment. In fact, there is no cassette in the camera. Wait and see – you don't know it yet but you are about to experience something you never have before.

There is soft knock on the door. I open the door and you enter. I meet you at the door with no clothes on. Your blonde hair and soft skin smell great as I embrace you and kiss you hello softly. As we kiss my hand cups your breast through your silk blouse and play with the erect nipple. Your hand willingly goes down and encircles my already rigid cock. Without further ado you sink down onto your knees and take my cock into your mouth. You suck and bite it hungrily and since you are only using your mouth, your hands are free to quickly rid yourself of your blouse. Then while continuing to suck on my prick, you place your one hand on the shaft and begin to masturbate me while sucking it hard. With your other hand you are playing with yourself – pulling and pinching your beautiful big pink nipples. As I want to really give you wonderful night and fuck you like you've never been fucked, I pull my cock from you mouth and gently help you to your feet.

I lead you to the bed and tell you to undress. While you undress and lie on the bed naked, I pour us each some wine. Then I make you lie in the middle of the bed, I make you spread your legs and gently tie each of your ankles to the bed with the silk scarves. I give you the vibrator and tell you to entertain me by playing with yourself. You readily agree and immediately begin to stroke your pussy and clit. I move to the end of the bed to get a better view of what you are doing. As you finger fuck yourself your eyes never leave mine… showing both of us the complete lust in the air. You haven't noticed the camera…. I switch it on and zoom in on your pussy. As it focuses on the nub of your clit and your fingers parting the lips, I turn on the TV. Suddenly the whole screen is filled with a close up view of your luscious wet cunt. It is a he picture and shows every detail of your pussy – the lips which are swollen with lust, the wetness of the juices you have rubbed all over the smooth shaven skin as you have been finger fucking yourself. You gasp at the erotic sight before you… something you have never seen before – you playing with yourself! This really turns you on and you feel the need to fuck yourself more fully using the vibrator. This you do hungrily – your eyes never leaving the screen.

The sight of you in front of me finger and vibrator fucking yourself, your long red hair fanned around your head on the pillow from you thrashing about from side to side as you enjoy what you are doing, your nipples hard and erect atop your beautiful big tits are driving me crazy. I realize it is time for me to get in on the action. I get up and take your hands away from your pussy. I gently tie each hand to the bed in the same manner as with your ankles. I move the camera to a different position so that you can watch as I eat your hot wet cunt. I climb onto the bed and begin licking and sucking your pussy. Sucking on the large clit, playing with the lips, inuserting a finger or three or four deep inside so that I can reach your g-spot. All the while you continue to watch the action on the screen. The sight you see and my actions on your pussy soon have you in ecstasy and the orgasms begin to ripple through your pussy. As you've never had anal sex before I gently wet the vibrator in your pussy and then slowly insert it in your arse as I continue licking and sucking your pussy lips and clit. All this – the visual stimulation, the new sensation of something up your arse, my fingers in your cunt and my tongue on your clit are finally too much and you let go. Suddenly you begin to experience the most amazing orgasm you have ever imagined. Wave after wave of orgasm washes over you as I continue what I am doing. All the while you continue to watch the screen, which make it even more intense. Then as I have lapped up all your cum juices I stand and kneel over you. I lift your head and insert my throbbing cock into your mouth. As your hands are still tied to the bed you are helpless as I begin to thrust in and out of your mouth – you're not giving me oral sex – you're being fucked in the mouth. You suck hungrily on the huge blood engorged head of my cock as you feel it begin to swell even more as my own orgasm approaches. I don't want to cum in your mouth….not yet….that we can leave for later. So I pull my cock out and stand up over you grasping it in my hand. I begin to pump up and down on the shaft…bringing myself to orgasm. My cum spurts out all over your wonderful tits making them glisten with the stickiness. I lie down next to you and kiss you softly on the mouth.

As we lie there n after glow you glance ad the bedside table. You notice the oil, the leather belt, the blindfold the feathers and the ice and you realize that although you have already had the most amazing orgasm ever, that the night has just begun and you are still in for the most amazing night of sucking and fucking and discipline…… You will have more orgasms than you ever thought possible. With all these thoughts in your mind and the image of your throbbing pussy still on the screen you drift off into a slumber…. Not realizing what awaits you when you awake.!