Written by PixieAngel

16 Jun 2015

She wants him

She is not going to even given him the chance to fight her.

He won’t even be able to speak a word once she starts.

He is so shy.

There is something lurking just below the surface though.

She has seen the way he looks at her.

Her timing must be right otherwise he will retreat and she will lose her chance.

She watches him all day, slyly without him noticing her.

He is walking towards her up the hallway; she is in luck he has walked into the photocopier room.

The room is a small tight space where she can accidentally on purpose bump into him.

Where she will be able to touch him, rub herself up against him so she can gauge his reaction.

She follows him into the room.

She touches him lightly on the arm; she smiles at him and greets him.

She walks close behind him, her hand brushes across his bum.

She hears his intake of breath at her touch.

She times her exit right as he turns to leave as well.

They are standing facing each other.

She looks up at him; he is quite a bit taller than her.

She notices him look at her cleavage, just a quick look but that’s enough to gain her attention.

She asks him for assistance with a document and whether it would be okay to bring it down to his office for him to look at.

He agrees that will be fine but suggests I come down in 10 minutes. Sure she says.

She knocks on his office door and steps inside.

He is sitting at his desk she closes the door and locks it, hoping he didn’t hear her do that.

She walks around his desk to give him the document.

Well she was the one surprised he grabs her.

Lifts up her skirt, places her atop his desk, gently lies her down, spreads her legs and starts to lick her pussy.

She is shocked all she can do is lie back and enjoy the sensation of him licking her clit.

She moans in pleasure as he is bringing her close to orgasm.

She grabs his head and pushes her pussy against his tongue.

She wants him to fuck her, but first she wants to cum by him licking her clit.

She warns him she is about to cum, he stops licking her pussy.

She nearly begs him to not stop.

He stands, unzips his pants and his hardened cock springs free.

He grabs her by the hips pulls her forward a little.

He positions his glistening cock head at her entrance and ploughs his cock in hard and deep.

She screams out in pleasure of having him inside her wet pussy.

Something she has wanted for so long, needed, craved.

He fucks her hard and fast. He uses his thumb to caress her clit.

She wants to cum, needs to cum.

Her breathing quickens, he bends down and kissed her.

He unbuttons her blouse he wants to see, fondle and kiss her ample breasts.

He buries his head in her cleavage, licking each erect nipple, nibbling, gently biting.

He grabs her hips and continues to rub her clit.

She tells him to go faster she is going to cum.

Her legs start to shake as she is on the brink of orgasm.

She grabs his wrist as she cums, she screams out in pleasure as each wave ravishes her body.

He fucks her faster, harder, deeper. Her pussy is now so wet from her pussy juices.

His cock slides in and out of her pussy all slick and wet.

His thrusting is furious now; she can hear him moaning he is about to cum.

She has waited so long to have his cock inside of her.

He falls on top of her as he cums inside of her, empties his creamy hot seed into her warm wet pussy.

He stands up cock still inside of her. Smiles at her

She smiles back.

He kisses her gently on the lips, a long soft passionate kiss.

He smiles at her and says “so what took you so long”.

She just laughs, grabs him and kisses him harder, longer.