09 Feb 2017

It's the yoga pants that get me every time. Every weekday morning as I head to my car after dropping my daughter off at school, mentally prioritizing my to-do list for the next three blessedly child-free hours, my mind goes blank when I see the moms chatting in the parking lot. As a dad, I'm somewhat of an outsider. They're more guarded with me, their smiles a little uncertain. Maybe they worry I'm checking them out...and they'd be right. Who can resist a woman in skin-tight lululemon nordstrom, the curves of her hips, ass, and thighs delineated in exquisite detail? Pair those with a similarly curve-hugging tank top, maybe with just a hint of skin visible between the hem of her shirt and the waistline of her pants, and it's all I can do not to drool.

That's how the two moms standing by the SUV next to mine are dressed today. I search my memory for their names. The petite one with the blond ponytail is Vanessa and the one with the short brunette bob and the generous rack is Ellen.

"Good morning," I say, smiling as I approach my car.

"Oh, hi!" Ellen says brightly. "We were just talking about what to bring to the school braai on Friday. What are you bringing?"

"I was thinking of making brownies."

"You bake?" Vanessa asks.

"From a box," I laugh.

"Oh no, honey!" Ellen says in mock horror, reaching out to pat my shoulder. "We can't let you do that! We are going to have to teach you how to bake from scratch."

Her hand lingers on my shoulder. Is it my imagination, or do her fingers give my bicep a slight squeeze? I can't help but flex. She removes her hand and studies my face for a moment. She's pretty in the very best girl next door sort of way, with blue eyes, clear skin, and a smattering of freckles across her nose. And she's standing close enough that I can see down into the ample cleavage beneath her pink tank top. I avert my eyes and tell myself to be cool before the evidence of my interest becomes apparent in my jeans. But her smile now is sly, and I sense she hasn't missed a thing.

Behind her, Vanessa clears her throat. Ellen turns to look at her and the glance they share seems loaded. Vanessa nods slightly and fixes her dark eyes on me. Her gaze is unsettlingly direct, even sultry.

"What are you doing right now?" she asks. "Is this a good time?"

"Nothing. Yes," I reply immediately, deciding the to-do list can wait another day.

"Great!" Ellen chirps. She opens the back driver's side door of her SUV and motions for me to get inside. I comply, wondering what I am getting myself into. Are they really going to teach me how to bake? Or am I correct in thinking they have something else entirely in mind?

"My house is only about half a kilometre from here," Ellen assures me from the driver's seat, smiling into the rearview mirror.

In the front passenger seat, Vanessa's left hand slides up Ellen's right arm, coming to rest on her shoulder. Her fingers unfold lazily to stroke Ellen's neck, red-tipped nails scraping lightly along her jaw. This is more than a casual touch between platonic friends. I can't help but notice the glint of light that reflects off of her wedding ring, and as I think about the taboo nature of the possibilities that lie ahead with these married women, I feel the familiar twitch deep in my crotch, signaling a desire over which I have little control. I don't spare a glance for the ring on my own left hand. Vanessa's eyes meet mine in the rearview mirror as she runs her fingers down the side of Ellen's face and rubs the pad of her thumb across her lips. Ellen sighs in response and nips lightly at Vanessa's passing thumb. Suddenly finding my mouth very dry, I lick my lips and shift in my seat.

In another minute we pull into the garage of a nondescript suburban home and enter the finished basement, a carpeted rec room with a plush leather sofa facing an entertainment center. On the far side of the room is a wet bar/kitchenette.

"Have a seat." Ellen gestures to the couch and continues toward the wet bar. "Would you like a drink?"

"Ellen, it's 9:30 in the morning." Vanessa laughs, sitting beside me on the couch. She's close enough that our thighs touch, and then her hand is on my thigh, squeezing gently. I look down as her fingers glide slowly up the length of my thigh, pausing at the fork of my crotch.

I raise my eyes to her face. Her eyes are dark and filled with heat. I don't know which of us moves first, but soon we are kissing. It's passionate, almost desperate, our mouths fusing, our tongues swirling wildly. As we make out like hormone-crazed teenagers, her fingers skate over the fly of my jeans, exploring the length of my erection. I feel another set of hands on my back and realize Ellen has settled on my other side. Her lips press against the back of my neck and her fingers trace the line of my spine through my shirt. Then her hands lift the hem of my shirt and Vanessa breaks our kiss to help her pull it over my head.

"Nice," Vanessa purrs, removing her hand from my crotch to smooth both hands over the hard planes of my shoulders, chest, and stomach. Ellen licks down my back, swirling the tip of her tongue around each vertebra. I jerk Vanessa's shirt over her head. She unhooks her bra and slips it off. Her breasts are small and perky with pale nipples and large areolas. I take one in each hand, massaging softly, then lean down to flick my tongue over each nipple in turn. She gasps and her head rolls back. I free her silky blond hair from its ponytail and tug on it to draw her face to mine, kissing her mouth again as I roll her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She moans around my tongue.

Behind me, I feel Ellen's large, soft breasts pressing against my back and her lips grazing my neck. I turn toward her and cup her breasts in my hands, enjoying their weight and the sight of her long, dark nipples. I suck her left nipple into my mouth and draw it out slowly, feeling her shudder in response, and her hand grasps my hair to urge me closer. I suck harder and slide my hand into her yoga pants, finding her bare underneath. She moans and I rub my thumb through her folds. She is soaking wet. I continue to stroke between her pussy lips, coating my fingers with her juices, then lift my fingers to her clit, circling slowly.

"Oh god!" she breathes, hips churning. Vanessa moves to kneel on the floor in front of Ellen and peels Ellen's yoga pants down her legs and off. Ellen is naked now, breath heaving, blue eyes hazy, writhing to the rhythm of my mouth on her nipple and my fingers pumping her clit. Vanessa spreads Ellen's legs wider and positions her face between them, licking Ellen's inner thighs, then thrusting her tongue between them into Ellen's pussy. With our combined attentions, it's not long before Ellen cries out in ecstasy, rocking in the grip of a powerful orgasm.

When her breathing steadies, Ellen lowers herself to the floor next to Vanessa. They kneel together, facing each other, and share a deep kiss before turning to me. Vanessa's hand undoes the button of my jeans, then lowers the zipper. I raise my hips off the couch to allow her to remove my jeans and boxers.

"Gorgeous," Ellen says appreciatively, wrapping a hand around my cock. She begins to stroke me up and down slowly. Vanessa urges my thighs apart and I jerk when I feel her tongue on my balls, licking and sucking at the loose skin of my sack. I groan and plunge my hand into her hair. Her tongue moves higher and Ellen's face moves in next to hers. Each woman licks up one side of my shaft, their tongues meeting as they flick over the rim and tease the tip of my cock. Over and over, until my breathing is ragged and I'm desperate for more. Vanessa's tongue roams back to my balls and Ellen's mouth envelops my cock, drawing it deep into her throat. Her mouth moves up and down, faster now, matching my moans with her own to make her throat vibrate around my cock. This flood of sensation – one woman sucking my cock like a porn star, another licking and sucking at my balls – is no match for my self-control. I consider stopping them, but then Vanessa pauses and looks up at me.

"Cum for us," she whispers. I oblige with a long groan, unable to hold back even if I wanted to, clutching my fists in Ellen's hair as I spurt my load into her mouth. Her continued sucking intensifies my orgasm and I pump over and over, emptying myself. As the waves of pleasure slowly dissipate, Ellen's mouth leaves my cock to kiss Vanessa. Vanessa's tongue plunges eagerly into Ellen's mouth to share my cum. They both rise to sit beside me again, one on either side, and each kisses me in turn so I can taste myself on them, salty and sharp, mingled with the earthy sweetness of Ellen's juices.

Vanessa climbs over me to straddle Ellen's lap and the two women continue kissing. Ellen lowers Vanessa's yoga pants over her knees and Vanessa kicks them onto the floor. Ellen caresses Vanessa's breasts, then lifts Vanessa's hips to bring her breasts level with Ellen's mouth. Ellen licks and sucks at Vanessa's nipples while her hand moves down to Vanessa's clit. I kneel on the floor behind Vanessa and massage her ass with my hands, spreading her cheeks wide for a perfect view of her glistening folds. As Ellen's hand works Vanessa's clit, I slip my tongue between her ass cheeks to circle her tight pink hole. Vanessa's body jerks and she gasps in pleasure and surprise.

"Oh fuck, don't stop!" she begs, and I continue to lick, then insert two fingers in her slick pussy. Vanessa grinds wildly against the combined insistence of my fingers and Ellen's, and my swirling tongue. Vanessa's whimpers grow more frantic and then her body stiffens as orgasm crashes through her. She screams and writhes between us, then collapses onto Ellen's chest, breathing hard.

"Your fingers felt so good inside me," Vanessa says huskily, turning to look at me. "But now I need to feel your dick."

She lowers herself to the floor beside me and pushes me down so I'm lying on my back. My cock is already half-erect again and she takes it in her hand, stroking slowly while her eyes capture mine once more with that dark, scorching gaze. It doesn't take long for her to bring me to full attention. She turns and straddles me backward, presenting me with a view of the long line of her back and the luscious curve of her ass as she sinks down to take my cock into her pussy. She moves slowly, adjusting to my size. Ellen leaves the couch and straddles my face, leaning forward over my chest. I breathe in the scent of her pussy and push my tongue inside her, tracing her inner folds. I lick down to her clit and suck gently, feeling her shudder, then lick back along her labia all the way to her asshole, where my tongue lingers and circles. I repeat the sequence over and over, sliding my tongue across her clit, labia, and asshole. Her legs quiver above me and she moans, voice muffled against Vanessa's ass where Ellen's mouth is as busy as mine. She runs her tongue around Vanessa's asshole and flicks it against my cock as Vanessa rises and falls on top of me. Vanessa's rhythm quickens and I raise my hips to meet her demand, pounding into her roughly.

Ellen's pussy convulses around my tongue and she rides my face as she cums hard, crying out. Vanessa is not far behind. Her rhythm falters, her pussy pulsating and clenching on my cock, her voice rising in chorus with Ellen's. I let go and join their release with my own, thrusting upward as my balls contract and my cum spills into Vanessa's pussy.

The women come to rest on either side of me. Vanessa slides her hand between her pussy lips and her finger emerges to draw a trail of cum across her belly and breasts. She puts her finger in her mouth and sucks, then leans over to kiss me, sharing our taste. I lift my head and kiss Ellen in turn.

As the three of us lie there on the floor, spent, Ellen grins and says, "Maybe now would be a good time for that drink?"