Written by Hannah_1

25 Nov 2012

Tawfeeq was tidying up the massage room as Shanaaz entered. He turned to face her and before he could greet her or say anything at all, she put her hand up and said, "I know you're new here but I don't have time for a lengthy massage today so we need to get down to business right away."

Tawfeeq watched as she shut the door and flipped the latch and then began immediately to slip out of her top and stylish skin-tight sweatpants. Shanaaz was 38, the wife of a much older well-known businessman in the small town, and her clandestine "once-a-week" nude full body massage had been a well kept secret at the health club for over 4 years.

Shanaaz soon stood before him totally nude and he admired her full breasts and still-tight abs and smooth thighs. Her vagina was shaved clean and looked exceptionally inviting as it puckered slightly.

"Gerald (the manager) told me he'd explained the services I am accustomed to here and that you would be extremely helpful and discreet. I tip well and if you want to continue to make a good living here, you'll satisfy me and keep your mouth shut about it, as have the previous masseurs who have worked here."

Tawfeeq nodded his head affirmatively and simply said, "Yes m'am.... no problem."

"I'm on a short time-table today so I can only do a half hour instead of the normal 60 minutes. I'll just lay on my back and you do my front for the whole 30 minutes...that's the fun part anyway!" she smiled as she climbed up onto the massage table and lay on her back, displaying her remarkably nice body to Tawfeeq.

Tawfeeq went to the shelf and took some body oil and rubbed it on his hands and began to massage her shoulders in a methodical circular manner. She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath of relaxation. He continued to make larger and larger circles with his hands, drifting closer to her breasts with each circle. Her nipples responded as his fingertips brushed the sides her breasts each time. She said quietly, "Use a lot of that oil on my boobs, I love that part!"

Tawfeeq got more body oil and poured more into one hand and then he began to massage her breasts in earnest. His slippery hands covered her bountiful globes as he kneaded and fondled them lovingly for an extended period of time. Shanaaz seemed pleased as she was lying with her eyes closed and a smile on her face throughout his touching her.

"You have great hands. Move on down a little lower for me now." she instructed him quietly.

Tawfeeq poured a tiny sliver of oil in a trail from below her breasts down to her belly button and then massaged and covered her torso with the oil. As his slippery hands moved downward and massaged between her belly button and her pubis, she began to slightly push upward with her midsection as if she wanted more contact.

Tawfeeq took the hint and began to massage harder and more intimately down the insides of her thighs, around the sides of her vaginal lips, and then let his fingers trail ever so lightly over her pouting opening. When he did that she responded by moaning and moving in a suggestive way.

He began to linger there, fondling her between her legs and then daring to insert a finger which she found to be obviously pleasurable! After a few more minutes of this she was ready and not wanting to wait any longer. "Fuck me now... I need it really bad." she said dreamily with her eyes still closed and her legs now parted as widely as they could be on the massage table.

Tawfeeq slid his shorts down and climbed up on the table between her open legs. He hovered over her for a moment as he stroked his own cock with the body oil to make it slippery and fully hard, and then he lowered himself over her and felt the tip of his engorged cock slip between her vaginal lips easily because of the oil. She moaned loudly as he slipped it inside her to the hilt. He felt his balls snug against her ass as he began to fuck her. First he went slowly and found her urging him on as she put both hands on his ass and dug her fingernails in. "Fuck me HARD!" she instructed him breathlessly.

Tawfeeq began pounding her fast and furiously and she was rising to each thrust enthusiastically! They were fucking each other like wild animals in the small massage room and Tawfeeq was able to hang on until he heard her gutteral moan as her stiffened up her body and reached a full and satisfying orgasm! Tawfeeq continued to pump her about 7 or 8 more thrusts and then he spewed everything he had deeply into her.

The two of them lay there for a few long silent moments, breathing heavily, regaining their strength from the vigorous fucking session.

Tawfeeq felt her hand pat him on his ass playfully, "That was fantastic... I'll see you next Tuesday, same time." she said happily. Tawfeeq withdrew his spent penis and stood up and helped her slide off the table. She slipped into the shower.

When she came back out Tawfeeq was out of the room so she just got dressed, left a R200 bill on the table and went back out towards the entrance to the health club. As she reached the front door, the Manager ran out of his office and said, "Shanaaz...I'm so sorry but the new masseur isn't here today... didn't anyone call you to cancel your appointment?"

Tawfeeq drove his linen truck back to the plant with a contented smile on his face.