Written by MikeJ

23 May 2014

I arrive at the restaurant before you and am shown to the table. You arrive a little later. As the waitress brings you towards the table my breath is almost taken away by the sight. You are wearing a white silk blouse, a long black skirt with a slit up the side. I can see you have long boots on as well. The complete image is breathtakingly sexy. When you get to the table I stand and we greet demurely while the waitress is there.

When you sit the slit in your skirt reveals that under it you have what appears to be black stockings – not pantyhose – I'm quite certain you have suspenders on. The thought immediately has my cock rigid! As you turn back towards me I notice your perfect round breasts straining beneath the silk – the nipples are hard and erect. You sit down again next to me – moving closer than before when the waitress was there. You lean towards me and the smell of your perfume wafts up to my nose. You cup my face in your hand and brush my lips with yours. As you do this your tongue flicks out and moistens my lips. Then before I know it you are kissing me passionately – thrusting your tongue deep into mine and sucking at my tongue and biting my lower lip! While doing this my hand involuntarily cups your tit and I pinch your erect nipple hard causing you to bite down on my tongue…. We both taste that you have drawn blood. We break apart and begin to laugh at the intensity of our passion.

The waitress brings our dinks and we toast our meeting. We sit in silence staring at the menus between sneaked glances at each other. I remind you that I am a sensual person and love eating with my fingers and find feeding someone and being fed very sensual and sexy. You agree so we both decide to order prawns followed by a hot chocolate dessert. Something to give us energy for what is to come. We order our food and a bottle of good wine to accompany them. While we wait for our food we sit chatting about life, love, and the world. Our food arrives and as we eat we continue our conversation. It is great to be sitting here with you again – a sexy sensual woman that has a mind and can talk about lots of things – from sex to religion. As we eat we rarely take our eyes of each other. Ever so often we lean towards each other to kiss. As I feed you the prawns I have peeled you such my fingers seductively – as if you were sucking on my cock! The meal is finished – and the desert is brought. I have an image in my mind of covering those glorious tits and nipples of yours with chocolate and licking and sucking them clean. We finish finally and the table is cleared. We can now relax over a coffee and liqueur while we chat further.

As yet we haven't even broached the subject of what we're going to do after dinner. Suddenly you place your hand on my cock and begin massaging it through my pants. You take your other hand and put it under your skirt and begining to finger fuck yourself. All the while our eyes never part. You bring your hand out from under your skirt and offer your sopping wet fingers for me to suck. The taste of your pussy juices are wonderful – I need more. I tell you that I have booked a room an hotel and that now you have to accompany me there so that you can suck my cock until I come and then to fuck each others brains out for the rest of the night. Your face is flushed from the idea but there is a glint in your eye so you readily agree. We call for the bill, pay it, and make our way outside.

I walk you to your car, kiss you on the lips, and order you to follow me. You do as you are told and we are soon at the hotel room. It is a nice ground room with a large bed, a very big bath, and a wonderful shower. As we enter you turn to me and begin to kiss me passionately. I tell you to relax first… I want to make this special for you… it is not just a fuck. We lie down on the bed chatting and kissing. As we lie there you play with my cock and I with your nipples. We kiss and cuddle and are totally relaxed in each other's company – as if we've been doing this for years. You then unzip my pants and free my throbbing penis. You begin to lick and suck at it… taking it deep into your mouth and sucking it hard while playing with my balls and teasing my asshole with your finger. Before I cum in your mouth I stop you… I want this first time to be for you… my turn will come.

I get up and begin to undress you. Removing your blouse and skirt…. You have got suspenders on just like I thought, you have no panties on and I leave your boots on… it make me extremely horny. For the first time I see your naked body in all its glory again. Your boobs are round and firm topped by large dark pink nipples with big areola surrounding them. They are hard and erect and I must have them – I pinch each one in turn and suck and bite them. You moan with pleasure beneath me. I begin to kiss you all over… not missing one cm of your smooth body. You spread your legs so that I can see your cunt… it is beautiful. The lips are large and pink and wet… opened up like the petals of a rose. At the top where they meet is the large bud of your clit…. I lean forward and begin to suck on it again… savoring the musky taste of your wet pussy juices. I role you over onto your stomach and continue to kiss you all over… even licking you …. Long strokes of my tongue from you pussy to your ass…. Even sticking my tongue in it… it makes you squirm and moan.

I tell you to remain still. I stand up and remove the rest of your clothes and your boots. I also undress myself. From the nightstand I take a bottle of jasmine scented massage oil and pour it on your back and legs. I straddle you so that my throbbing cock presses against your pussy and begin to massage you all over. Long deep strokes of my hands and fingers… eliciting groans of pleasure from your lips. As I lean back to massage your legs behind me the angle of my cock and your pussy changes and the tip op my cock slips easily into your wet juicy cunt. As I return to massaging your back my cock is forced deep into the recesses of your cunt…As I massage I feel how the cunt muscles clench and release my cock within you… you have such control I'm sure that if I allow you to continue you will make me shoot my load of come deep into you. So I pull out of you with a loud plop. Once again I stand up and order you to remain where you are.

I go to the bathroom and fill the bath with nice warm water and lots of bubbles. I open a bottle of chilled sparkling wine and pour two glasses. Then I go to the shower and turn it on. I return to the room to fetch you. As you stand you turn to me and we embrace. Our mouths meet in a passionate kiss and you hug me so tight it crushes your tits against my chest. I lead you to the shower. We go in and Continue embracing and kissing. You stand with your legs apart and I begin to gently wash all the oil from your body. You throw your head back and moan with pleasure. When I have finished you take the soap from me and begin to do the same to me… washing me all over….paying particular attention to my still throbbing cock! You go down on your knees and begin to suck my balls and cock…. Once again it almost make me cum in your mouth so I stop you.

I pull you to you feet and as we kiss I push you into the corner of the shower. I lift your one leg by the knee so that I have access to your pussy. A bend my knees slightly so that the head of my cock is at the entrance of your cunt. Then in one thrust I bury my cock into your wet pussy. You wrap your one leg around my bum keeping my cock in you…I thrust in and out… faster and faster… feeling your orgasms begin to break free…. Your pussy begins to spasm as orgasm after orgasm flows out of you….your pulsating cunt muscles grip my cock tightly and suck it deeper and deeper in until suddenly…. My knees go weak and I shoot my load of hot cum deep inside your pussy. They force and heat of my orgasm pushes you over the edge one more time and we both collapse into a heap of spent passion on the floor of the shower… with the water still running all over us.

After a few moments I regain enough strength. I lift you up and carry you to the bath. I return to the shower, turn of the water and then join you in the bath. We lie there among the bubbles sipping the chilled sparkling wine holding each other and savoring the pleasures we have just experienced…. Pleasures yes but this is just the start… we still have a whole night ahead of us!