05 Sep 2015

He'd noticed her at the dinner the previous night. She was hard to miss having sat next to him at the banquet dinner in an equally stunning outfit. She was charming. Smiled seductively. And her eyes always filled in the blanks.

It was the morning after a black tie dinner and she had strolled into a business breakfast unexpectedly when their eyes met. He'd seen her the night before, sitting at his table; a dark haired, olive skinned lady in her early 30's, with a figure any male wouldn't have minded to explore a bit more and an intellectual look that showed she was more than just a quick fuck.

Their eyes met throughout the breakfast, complimented with the odd smile and occasional wink. He knew he was in for at least a continued chat after the previous evenings dinner gathering. That morning she was wearing a summer dress, that hung on to her smooth skin like a breath of air, and it was clear that she was not wearing a bra as her nipples gently pushed through the silky type material with every turn and move. The bottom curve of her 34C breasts glanced through gently, giving him an instant semi hard-on through his business suit.

But this wasn't the place for too much excitement.

The breakfast ended. An opportunity for him to stroll over to her table to reacquaint himself with his previous night's dinner companion. The conversation kicked off as usual - questions of getting home safe, sleeping well and the usual formal small talk. She was in town only for the weekend and was catching a lift a bit later that morning back to her accommodation. Her athletically shaped ass was gently hugged by the summery dress, revealing more than he could handle in a room full of business people.

As the breakfast staff cleared the room they decided to grab a coffee at the hotels coffee shop - a more appropriate setting for further small talk and contrived business conversations. They'd exchanged numbers, for business discussions at a future date, naturally, but both knew that that number would probably come in handy at a later stage for other escapades.

An hour or two passes as the light conversation bordering flirting continues. He looks at his watch and realizes he'd better get ready for that flight back later that afternoon. They get the bill and part ways.

Back in his hotel room his erection is ready to burst out of his suit as thoughts of his Middle Eastern looking breakfast connection resurface in the privacy of his room. He pulls out his phone.

"Thanks for the catch up", he texts her, "Nice dress by the way!"

"So fun!", she texts back promptly.

Testing the water, he explores a bit further and sends another text: "No bra hey..."

A short while later she responds: "No bra. Left it in the car. I'm naughty like that."

"Just for me?" he messages back.

"Well, you still managed to walk, so it wasn't enough", she responds as text messages fly back and forward.

"Trust me. I'm struggling right now", he responds, half sitting on the edge of his bed and half standing as he rushes to get his suitcase packed whilst still trying to deal with his throbbing cock tearing at his underwear.

She responds, "What room are you in?"

"708 - why?" he answers.

"I'll see you in a minute", she responds.

His cock goes into a full erection underneath his grey suit pants. His heart starts pounding a little faster as he tries to distract himself by packing his suitcase a little quicker. There's a knock on the door. It was her...

He rushes to the door as not to leave her standing in the corridor too long. As he opens the door, he spots those beautiful 34C cup breasts, nipples pointing through the skin thin dress and takes a deep breath as their eyes reconnect. He ushers her into the hotel room and without managing to say too much, she pulls him in for a seductive kiss. As both semi-moist, cold lips touch, he grabs her ass under that green dress feeling the outlines of the G-string she is wearing underneath.

"Miss me?" she asks with a cruel smile on her face.

"A little", he replies clutching his hard on as it becomes virtually impossible not to notice.

They exchange some further glances, thoughts and smiles as he realizes the time pressure of having to check out and get to the airport. At the same time, he has a turned on vixen of a woman in his hotel room, ready to pounce.

"I don't have much time babe", he says, realizing how un-gentlemen like his hospitality is.

"Not to worry she says", glancing at his protruding erect cock underneath this suit pants, "But what are we going to do about THAT?"

"You up for a quickie?" he says, knowing full well that this could be a total mood killer and the horny adrenaline clashes with the urgency to get to the airport.

"Yeah. Sounds good she says", biting her bottom lip and taking a seat at the edge of the bed.

It's now or never, and he unzips his suit pants and pulls aside his soft, silky boxers, freeing his thick, large erect cock. She gasps a little with a little moan as she see's it, almost salivating at the thought of having him penetrate her soft, wet pussy.

He slides on a ribbed condom, stretching it, as his thick throbbing cock is ready to please. Her black G-string falls to the ground as she lifts up her dress, sitting on the edge of the bed, legs gently spread, soft olive skin thighs exposed, with her pussy beautifully trimmed. She rests on her elbows as she bites her bottom lip waiting for his thick cock to enter her.

He leans in and slides his cock into her pussy. She gently moans as his thickness gently stretches and fills her, making her moister. But this isn't some romantic encounter.

"Oh yeah", she sighs, "fuck me good."

He starts sliding in and out of her wetness, enjoying the thrill of some trashy, quick, hotel room sex straight out of a movie. Both are still mostly dressed. With every thrust she moans more, enjoying every minute of it, knowing it'll be over quite quickly.

He feels an orgasm coming on; warning her it'll be over soon. She smiles and nods, knowing that it was going to be a fast but wholesome encounter. He jolts as he climaxes and the cum fills the tip of his ribbed condom. She gasps with pleasure, arching her back and closing her eyes and before it really got started it was over.

He pulls out, dispenses of the condom and cleans up. She slides on her G-string again and makes sure everything is in place before her departure. She kisses him on the cheek and wishes him well on his trip back home.

"We should catch up sometime again", she says.

"We should", he comments, "And sorry for being a less than perfect host."

"You were a perfect host", she smiles as she leaves the room and the hotel room closes behind her.