Written by 2Weekenders (She)

09 Dec 2011

His bed wasn't the softest or the biggest, but it was where she felt most comfortable. She rolled over in is arms to face him, meeting a kiss almost instantly that she smiled into just a bit. It was raining outside. They could hear the short ting of the drops hitting the windows and the roof. The deep booming of the thunder accompanying this storm is what had woken them up. The weather had been shit for a few days now. All the more reason to stay in bed with him. Her head lay comfortably against his chest while his hands began to roam her body, trailing down her sides and up her back. She smiled again, only this time not into his soft lips. A sigh let loose from her chest while she traced invisable swirls and shapes on his stomach. His hands began to explore lower and lower, leaving her sides to travel over the soft, rounded flesh of her ass. He pulled her onto him by the back of her legs. She wove her arms delicately around his neck and rested her forehead against his. He reached up to kiss her again as she relaxed against him more. Palms flattened against her ass, he pulled her body forward more, still kissing her. He lowered her back onto himself easily and she moaned quietly. Her fingers intertwined in his silky hair, and her lips moved gently against his. Breath hitched in her throat as he began to thrust slowly into her. The rain picked up speed outside and the little tings came more rapidly along with her breathing and his speed. Resting her cheek against his, she moaned loudly into his ear. Her nails dug into the back of his neck and the fingers wrapped in his hair pulled lightly. He kept one hand flattened against her ass while the other held tight around her waist. She kissed his neck softly. His name dropped from her lips in an even softer whisper that broke the rhythm of her short, quick breaths. His grip tightened for the moment as his own breathing hitched, his body jerked slightly, and he came deep inside of her. Just the sweetness of his name on her tongue sent him over. Fervent kisses now passed between their lips and the rain had slowed only minutes before, seeming to be connected to them in a way. He didn’t pull out of her and she snuggled into him. She smiled and he followed her breathing down into her sleep. He still had his hands in the same spot, not feeling like moving at all. It was too comfortable and pleasant to ruin. Nuzzling into her hair and hugging her a little closer, he soon followed her back to sleep