26 Dec 2018

Mandy had moved into the building on Friday two weeks before Christmas. She had moved down from Johannesburg and looking to start a new life. She was incredibly pretty, and looked fun right from the off. So it wasn't a hard decision when she asked me to show her around Cape Town for me to say yes.

I knocked on her door on Saturday morning, and she let me in while holding the phone to her ear. She sat me on the sofa, and plonked herself beside me, knees to her chest with her pretty feet facing me, and continued her conversation. She was clearly arranging to meet a guy which was disappointing, but when she burrowed her toes under my leg it definitely kept me interested. I could see white knickers which she made no attempt to hide, although I didnt dare look directly.

When she got off the phone, she did a little jog around the room, singing "I am going to get laid tonight". Then she giggled and apologised and asked if I was ready. The day was fun, she was flirty, constantly touching and holding me, but as the time crept to 5pm, it was clear she was going to make her excuses and left. My evening ended up being late and at 4am I crashed on a friends sofa.

The next day, I stopped at Sandy Beach for some naked time on the way home. It started chilly so I wrapped myself in a blanket and fell asleep. I woke perhaps an hour later, with the sun already high and warm. I had come unwrapped as I rolled over, but what had woken me was someone calling my name. "Oh hello", I said, recognising Mandy and slightly uncertainly reaching for my towel.

She had clearly just jumped out of the freezing water, and turned out to be standing on my towel, and certainly didnt offer to move. Water was dripping from her beautiful well formed breasts, with drops on her firm belly. Her legs were slightly parted showing a neatly shaved pussy. I couldnt help but stare, particularly as she didn't say anything. When I realised she was watching my cock it stirred. She spoke, but I missed it, and then she knelt and laid her beautiful freezing body against mine.

"How was last night", I asked? She paused, and sighed, and then said "it was a total blowout. he arrived twenty minutes late. I was furious and couldnt be bothered with the date, so my intention was just to have sex, and send him on his way. Before we were half warmed up though, he came. I sat on his face and made him lick me, but it wasnt really what I wanted".

It sounded so unnatural from her innocent mouth that I wasnt sure what to say. The talk though, and the fact she had one breast and a leg draped on me had made me hard, and I could feel the tip of my cock brush her leg. She wiggled at first to touch it more firmly. She draped her hand across my chest, then she shimmied over so she straddled my stomach with her naked pussy against my flesh, and her tits swaying above me. I sat partially up to put my mouth to one, and as I did she adjusted so the tip of my cock was against her pussy. She slid lower to take the tip between her pussy lips, then raised herself up and sank down on me.

She settled into gripping my cock at first, moving not much, but once it was clear that half the beach was watching she gave up on subtlety, and decided to rock back and forth on her haunches, totally careless about who was watching. Even when a guy walked up close, and started to play with himself, it didnt put her off. In fact it rather made her pick up the pace of her deep thrusts on my cock. I was trying to think of anything to not cum, and fortunately she came first, by a whisker. She pumped me hard all the way through the orgasm, but actually as soon as it finished she rolled over on her back towards the guy, with my cum still glistening in her, and yanked him off from below.

This was probably the most fun I had with her in the year and a half she was in my building. She insisted on never having sex, if it was just the two of us, although she did give me a footjob on occasion. The rest of the time, she would come back with some unsuspecting girl or guy, and I would either join them when she called me over, or just watch them if she was feeling cruel. Her partners were almost always embarrassed, if not during then after, but I don't recall her ever not getting her way.